What is information architecture?

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What is Information Architecture?

Imagine you were dropped in a strange location without a proper map. What would you do? If you had your phone, you’d likely open a mapping app. Now imagine that location was a website you’ve never been to. In order to help you navigate efficiently through it, you also need a map. In the world of user experience design, this is where information architecture becomes critical.

Information architecture lays the foundation for the look and feel of a product, requiring companies to speak directly with their users to understand their preferences, how they think, and what they expect. Because, while a website’s slick animations and visuals can delight users, what most people need is a clear path to achieve their goal or complete a task.

Read on for a fascinating lesson on how designers use information architecture from Katherine Hargreaves, an all-star instructor in our User Experience Design Immersive program.

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