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A story of UX design for the win.
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How Three Students Solved a Real-World UX Problem

Like many entrepreneurs, the co-founders of the craft beer-rating app Barly started their venture with a challenge. They wanted to solve a particular problem: that many beer menus are indecipherable to the casual drinker. But with no design background and little tech knowledge, they turned to students in our full-time User Experience Design Immersive course, who work on real-world client projects as part of their curriculum.

The results? Their redesigned app not only "blew our minds," said Barly's CEO, but it allowed the company to pursue angel investors. In May 2017 Barly was named one of CNET’s top five beer apps, and Burnes, Burke, and Sugai went on to begin rewarding careers in the UX field, working at companies like Uber, Sony Pictures, and Rhubarb Studios.

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