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A Powerful Combination: Design and Marketing

What happens when marketers team up with user experience (UX) designers? They test the best ways to acquire and convert new customers on companies' websites — and generate more revenue. That might mean:

  • A redesigned landing page turns Google AdWords traffic into leads at twice the rate.
  • The testing of a new checkout flow decreases cart abandonment.
  • A design refresh on an email signup box increases the volume of new subscribers.

But you can't get conversions without knowing your audience. Understanding a company's users — and how they behave online — is essential for converting them to paying customers, building their loyalty, and driving repeat business.

Learn key optimization tools and practices like Google Analytics, A/B testing, and landing page optimization in 10 weeks or one with our Digital Marketing (DGM) course. Take the first step:

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  • Get a taste for the field: Use the code design2017 to save 25% on the short-form digital marketing class or workshop of your choice.*
  • Request a Syllabus to preview the course curriculum and see if it's right for you.

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