Where could you get hired as a UX designer?

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See where you could land after taking our 10-week career accelerator.
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What Kinds of Companies Hire UX Designers?

User experience (UX) and product designers go to work every day because they love being the voice of customers. They live to create easy-to-navigate products that solve problems and impact businesses. But what types of companies are hiring them? Where could you land a job after transforming your skills through our 10-week User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI) career accelerator?

  • Creative agencies: Launch powerful brand experiences for clients at companies like Leo Burnett, Havas, and BBDO.
  • Startups: Design the framework for innovative new products that solve problems.
  • Health care: Revolutionize how organizations leverage tech to manage medical information.
  • eCommerce: Create seamless buying experiences for customers.
  • Fortune 500 companies: Redefine how tech impacts the world we live in at powerhouses like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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