Why creatives should learn to code

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It's essential to delivering incredible user experiences.
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Why Creatives Should Learn to Code

In tech, coding and design have an intimate relationship. Behind every website or app you love are a pair of teams who've worked together to make it beautiful: UX designers and front-end web developers. Designers create the user flows and usability testing that solve customer problems, but their vision can't come to life without front-end web developers to build it.

Whether you're seeking a creative path or a technical one, knowing the key coding languages means being able to deliver incredible user experiences that all companies need. Take the first step with our Front-End Web Development course. Over 10 weeks on campus or remotely, you’ll:

  • Build and deploy a custom, interactive website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Make a website look seamless on any screen size.
  • Be taken seriously by the engineers around you when you learn to speak their language.

Invest in career-building skills.

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