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In design, purpose and POV are everything.
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A Key to Good Design? Push for a Point of View

Good design is all about having a clear purpose and a strong point of view — even if you ruffle some feathers along the way.

John Saito, a UX writer at Dropbox, reveals what drives product design experts from Google, Airbnb, Slack, and more to make bold decisions and radical designs.

Read on to learn why you should:

  • Start with questions, not answers. Adriana Olmos, Assistant product designer at Google, gets to the heart of understanding the problems designers need to solve.
  • Fight for your users. TED’s UX architect Michael McWatters divulges how he put the kibosh on autoplay videos.
  • Know when brand voice should shine. Slack product writer Sara Culver shares how her team juggles clarity with personality.
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