5 ways to start thinking like a UX designer

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Get in the UX mindset.
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Get in the UX Mindset

Learn to think like a designer. Use these five tips to spark design inspiration and keep your user experience design goals in sight.

  1. Stay up to date. Commit to reading a post a day (or week) from UX sites like UX Booth, The UX List, uxdesign.cc, Smashing Magazine, the InVision blog, or UX Design Weekly.
  2. Spark inspiration. Explore pttrns and Inspired UI, both great collections of design patterns, resources, and inspiration.
  3. Curl up with a good book. Get into the UX mindset with Donald Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things.
  4. Put pen to paper. Start wireframing in your browser, try out an app like Omnigraffle or Balsamiq, or go old school with a pen and paper.
  5. Get to know other UX designers. Visit your local GA campus for talks and workshops with industry experts, join a local chapter of Interaction Design Association (IxD), or find a UX-focused Meetup group near you.
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