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An expert on what makes for seamless UX design.
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An Expert's Viewpoint on Seamless UX Design

In her six years as a user experience (UX) designer, Angela Schmidt, a mentor in our online User Experience Design course, has worked with big-name clients like Montblanc, Mercedes-Benz, Axe, and Spotify. We asked her about how she defines UX design, and what seamless UX looks like.

How would you define UX design in two sentences?

UX is transforming and improving existing conditions through problem-solving and listening. It's creating the shortcuts to positive emotional responses.

What is one real-life example that embodies or displays the very best of what UX design can and should do?

Airbnb. When a product, brand, or service becomes a verb or adjective, you know it’s done something right. The company started off small with its core offering and has slowly expanded its empire based on user demands and A/B testing within the realm of travel. Its marketing, copy, design, and cross-platform functionality are spot on. Airbnb makes the process of looking and booking accommodations fun and easy. That's the very best of UX.

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What personal qualities can set someone up for success in the field of UX?

UX jobs can vary wildly and there’s no single defining characteristic for success. But there are a few core competencies I believe to be instrumental. Great UX designers can spot trends, pinpoint important takeaways from large amounts of information, and use quantitative research to inform creative or business solutions. They’re also always asking why, willing to try new research or design methods to better understand their target audience, and receptive to teammates’ feedback while maintaining their own perspective.

Why should someone come to GA to learn UX?

In GA’s online User Experience Design course, students learn UX fundamentals through a wide range of content types, with active participation required. They also have access to one-on-one mentor sessions and can learn on a flexible schedule.

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