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Find out if UX might be the right field for you.
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Who Should Learn UX Design?

User experience (UX) design is one of tech's fastest-growing fields, and it attracts professionals from all backgrounds. Whether a company's selling handknit sweaters or wearable tech, it needs experts who can anticipate a customer’s problems and design intuitive solutions to fix them.

Who can benefit from learning UX in our User Experience Design campus and remote, online courses?

  • The graphic designer, looking to transition from print to digital.
  • The marketer, wanting to improve web pages for better conversion rate optimization.
  • The entrepreneur, intent on creating the best user experience for his idea.
  • The engineer, building out a more usable website.
  • The career changer, curious about a growing field and eager to learn the essentials.

Pull up a chair. Start learning to design user-friendly products and experiences with empathy mapping, prototyping, and more:

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