Why shopping on Amazon is addictive (and other UX design tru

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A GA instructor and former anthropologist explains user experience (UX) design.
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An Expert on How UX Impacts Everyone

People often associate the term “user experience design” with visual design or the creation of a digital interface, like a website or mobile app. But it’s much bigger than that.

Successful UX design is why shopping on Amazon is addictive, ride-sharing apps like Uber are thriving, and binge-watching TV shows has become the best way to spend a Friday night. Even physical spaces are impacted by UX design: Think department stores with enticing buys at every turn or the always-moving checkout lines at Trader Joe’s.

UX designers come from a diverse range of backgrounds like finance, industrial design, or psychology. We asked GA Denver instructor Will Greenaway, a former anthropologist who’s worked with companies like Google, Prudential Financial, and McKinsey, about what you can accomplish with UX expertise.

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