“Why can’t I get this thing to work?”

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(A really simple way of understanding UX design)
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Bad UX 1, User 0.

You know you've been there.

Have any of these experiences ever sent you spinning into a mild rage?

  • Reading a website in atrocious fonts.
  • Untangling a mass of holiday lights.
  • Opening a juice carton.
  • Searching a website for a specific product.
  • Coaxing ketchup out of a glass bottle.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you’ve been the victim of bad user experience design. However, if you’re naturally curious, empathetic, and love to problem-solve, consider a career change. UX designers make life easier for anyone using a product — online or in the physical world. And even better: They keep customers coming back, which leads to loyal audiences, better sales, and competitive advantages for businesses. That’s why professionals with UX know-how are in high demand.

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