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Code From Your Home Base
Lyn Dee, WDI Remote graduate (at left) is surprised by her instructors Matt, Thom, and Kristyn for their first-ever meeting in person.

Lyn Dee's husband sparked her coding renaissance years after she graduated with a computer science degree. In his late 20s, he began his military service: "I thought to myself, if he can outrun people 10 years younger than him, why can’t I take up coding again?" she says. But when her plan to start a coding bootcamp was disrupted by his deployment notice, Lyn had to reevaluate.

Then she discovered Web Development Immersive Remote, which allowed her to learn to code full-time, right from where she was. "[It was] definitely one of the most rewarding things that could have ever happened to me," Lyn says. "... The first time I saw progress in my own programming skills, it was so profound and life-changing."

No matter your situation, you can still access top-notch training to change your career in our online Web Development Immersive Remote program. You won't be working alone; you'll learn in real-time alongside your instructor, TAs, and fellow classmates from around the world.

Ready to go all in like Lyn? She found a full-time remote development position about a month after graduating.

What will you achieve?

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