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Tune in for a special interview with Facebook’s COO.
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A Master of Scale

Sheryl Sandberg talks with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman on the latest episode of Masters of Scale. Photo by Jacqui Ipp.

How do you scale a company into a tech empire? Sheryl Sandberg has done it — twice. From Google to Facebook, where she has spent nine years as COO, she’s learned hard lessons about what it takes to transform a business into a brand people can’t live without.

In the fifth episode of Masters of Scale, the podcast hosted by famed entrepreneur and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Sandberg shares some of her most vital learnings from the trenches of the tech world. The episode, “Lead, Lead Again,” also features exclusive insight from Bill Gates, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and more. Subscribe to Masters of Scale to tune in.

Read on for highlights from the episode, including Sandberg’s three key lessons for managing a growing business, and get an insider’s look at her time at two of today’s most powerful companies.

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