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Get there in 5 weeks with a mentor, online, and on your own schedule.
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Develop powerful campaigns that deliver. Leverage the full potential of social media, SEO, email, and user-generated content in our online, mentor-guided Digital Marketing Circuit course. Whether you're new to the field or already manage a marketing budget, our industry-expert instructors will teach you data-driven strategies to build an audience, develop brand loyalty, and drive sales.

What will you do in 5 weeks?

  • Learn how to set objectives, plan a digital marketing campaign, and understand how the concept of a funnel has evolved.
  • Learn how to generate leads, optimize landing pages and run email campaigns to convert and retain customers.
  • Get better at analytics: KPIs, tracking, and post-campaign analysis
  • Complete a digital marketing campaign brief that will prepare you for planning, running, executing, and measuring a real campaign.

Start leveling up.

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