Why you’re doing networking wrong — and how to fix it

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4 unconventional tips for building a career support system.
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Forget Networking — Build a Community

When it comes to building a reliable professional community, we could all benefit by taking a lesson from career guru, speaker, and teacher Andy Whelan, a career coach at our San Francisco campus.

“Whether you’re a designer or a data scientist, you need a community around you because technology changes quickly and you need people to help you along the way,” says Whelan. “I coach people on making really specific choices on how they want to represent themselves and what they’re looking to build out of these relationships.”

Throw away the paper-thin, business card-swapping “networking” mentality, and forge the authentic community you need with these four steps.

  • Make your best first impression.
  • Approach people like you’re making new friends.
  • Always be hosting.
  • Say goodbye to transactional exchanges.

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