Why companies should pay for their employees to learn new sk

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How everybody wins when employers invest in their workers' education.
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An Employer Guide to Investing in Talent

In an era in which the shelf life of skills is less than five years — and the cost of replacing a worker is estimated to be between 16-20% of the employee’s annual salary — it’s critical for employers to prepare their workers to adapt to the shifting demands of work in the digital age.

The good news is that current federal U.S. policy provides tax-advantaged opportunities for companies to support employees’ educational aspirations. This means employers can keep their teams relevant and decrease turnover, while employees can skill up and become more valuable.

On our publication The Index, learn more about how the U.S. tax code supports employee education. Download a new white paper on the topic by GA and Whiteboard Advisers, and discover ways to get your education funded or boost your team’s abilities.

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