A new way to think about snow days (or a lack thereof)

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A deep dive into weather forecasts, government data, and our love of snow.
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Using Data to Predict a Snow Day

Our data science instructors eat, sleep, and breathe data. Joseph Nelson, who leads our Data Science Immersive at GA’s Washington, D.C., campus, passionately prepares students for careers in the high-demand field, while fostering relationships in the local data community.

But he doesn’t stop at the classroom.

After noting that this past winter was the first in five years without a federal snow day, Nelson dug into government data, Google Trends, and APIs to see what determined the declaration of a snow-covered day off.

On our publication The Index, see how Nelson created data-driven methodology, visualizations, and an in-depth analysis to unpack the mystery behind the capitol’s lack of snow days.

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