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Justify your work with Excel + SQL skills.
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Up Your Game With Data Skills

Level up. From digital marketing to product management and sales operations, more and more careers prioritize data analysis skills — even if “data” or “analyst” aren’t in their official titles. These skills are also a path to high-profile positions at some of today’s most innovative tech companies.

When you learn Excel, SQL, and data visualizations in our online, mentor-guided Data Analysis Circuit course, you can:

  • Optimize marketing campaigns;
  • Create more reliable sales forecasts;
  • Justify key budget decisions;
  • Convince stakeholders to fund a new project;
  • Identify key audiences for a product launch.

Start skilling up.

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Dive into live, online learning. Skill up with help from an expert in our 1-week, accelerated Data Analytics Remote course — all in real time from wherever you are.

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