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Be JavaScript Literate

"Any app that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript." — Jeff Atwood, founder of Stack Overflow

Why learn JavaScript? Not only is it the programming language that can make a website as beautifully interactive as it is functional, but it’s the #1 skill that tech companies are searching for.*

Get in the game. Start with our online, mentor-guided JavaScript Circuit course. For 10 weeks, you’ll work with an expert to learn the world’s most versatile — and popular — coding language, and leave able to:

  • Add animations and interactive elements like lightboxes, transition effects, drop-downs, and real-time page updates to any site.
  • Allow APIs to interact with services like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by pulling in JSON data.
  • Build an interactive web app that uses data from one or more online services.

Make your move toward becoming in demand with JavaScript.

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*Blurring Lines, Burning Glass Technologies + General Assembly, 2015.


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