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What It Means to Be Fluent in Data

Data can be intimidating, especially when your eyes glaze over at 10,000 rows of it. But look at it this way: Data is really a way of thinking about the world — and making it better. By learning the tools to ask the right questions, knowing how and where your data was collected, and giving context that data, you can start making better decisions at work and in life.

Get these skills with our online, mentor-guided Data Analysis Circuit course. You won’t just master Excel and database querying — you’ll adopt the mindset and techniques to help you approach problems with more than gut instincts.

  1. Define the problems you’re trying to solve before diving into raw data.
  2. Learn to identify misleading and biased data, and question how and where data is collected.
  3. Understand context: Spotlight trends and patterns that meaningfully reveal the story your data is telling.

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