Companies need UX talent more than ever

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Meet that need: start with a mentor and learn the essentials in 6 weeks.
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UX is Everywhere

From marketing campaigns to customer service chats, if you’ve ever interacted with a business online, there’s a good chance user experience (UX) design played a part. Think of UX as preventative care. Good designers examine every customer touchpoint, map out possible scenarios, identify potential problems, and implement solutions before they arise.

Companies need great UX more than ever. Learn what it takes to put user experience design into practice in any field in our online, mentor-guided User Experience Design Circuit course. With the help of an expert mentor, you’ll spend 6 weeks working on a completely flexible schedule to:

  • Understand users' wants and needs by conducting interviews, crafting personas, and more.
  • Create a clickable prototype to share with stakeholders using industry standard tools and techniques.
  • Package your final design in a professional portfolio to show off your newly minted skills.

See what learning UX design could do for your career: Check out six careers that benefit from UX skills. Then request a syllabus to learn more about the course.

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