How to become a web developer in 2017

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It's a fact: The demand for web developers is expected to grow between 20% and 30% by 2020.

Join us online for an info session tomorrow, October 19, to explore how you can launch a new web development career in our transformative Web Development Immersive Remote program, launching Monday, October 31. During the session, you'll:

  • Get an overview of the curriculum, program objectives, and the portfolio of projects you can create.
  • Chat with our admissions team.
  • Learn how you can enter the job market as part of the global GA community with ongoing career support and networking opportunities.

You can also request a syllabus to preview the curriculum details in depth.

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Ready to get going? Submit your application, or chat with an admissions rep to learn about what makes an ideal candidate, your admissions interview prep, and required pre-work for the course.

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