Shhhhhhh there’s a Keanu profile

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Shhhhhhh there’s a Keanu profile
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PR pros love a peek inside the minds of the journalists they pitch and work with on stories. Muck Rack’s Jessica Lawlor recently had the opportunity to chat with Arti Patel, senior lifestyle journalist at Global News, who talked about her work and why she co-founded Didihood, a group for South Asian women who want to see more SA voices in the world of Canadian media, art and creatives. Head over to the Muck Rack Blog for 6 questions with Arti Patel from Global News.


The comeback is complete

All we’ve been hearing about is the big return of “Game of Thrones” (something to do with dragons and cold weather?), but an even bigger return stole the spotlight this weekend. As Francisco Villalobos says, “The comeback is complete,” and you’ll want to read Karen Crouse in The New York Times to follow the journey as Tiger Woods Takes the Masters in a Win for the Ages (261,000+ shares). Tweets Bill Pennington, “.@bykaren deftly captures all that Tiger Woods has overcome and what it all means.” “A 3,955-day drought between major championship wins. Has there ever been a greater sports comeback?” tweets Trip Gabriel. And Alex Flanagan shares, “I’m still on a high from watching this today. Great recap @bykaren of Tiger’s journey…” For more on Tiger’s victory, check out the coverage by Rob Hodgetts at CNN, Tiger Woods seals fifth Masters title and 15th major (205,000+ shares)

The political hellscape

Meanwhile, as Amanda Marcotte points out, “In the real world, politics is a hellscape where people strive for power by stoking bigotry and then gaslighting the people who oppose them. No wonder some of us unwind and relax by watching a show where they just murder each other with dragons.” Others of us turn to the Real Housewives, where they murder each other with pettiness and disdain. Here’s just a taste of what we’re trying to escape.

At The New York Times, Maggie Haberman writes that, In Attacking Ilhan Omar, Trump Revives His Familiar Refrain Against Muslims. On Twitter, she notes, “Trump aides and allies say they are pleased that some of the Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 presidential nomination are defending her against the president’s attacks, claiming they think it will be damaging for them in the general election.”

Liberal activists are also noticing which 2020 candidates are defending her. In another New York Times piece, Astead Herndon takes a look at How the 2020 Democrats Responded to Trump’s Attacks on Ilhan Omar, noting some advocacy groups “are monitoring how quickly and forcefully each responds to Mr. Trump’s most inflammatory moments.”

And there’s more drama as Bernie Sanders accuses liberal think tank the Center for American Progress of smearing progressive candidates. Kenneth Vogel and Sydney Ember of The New York Times write that Sanders’ criticism of the organization was delivered in a letter obtained by the Times and “reflects a simmering ideological battle within the Democratic Party and threatens to reopen wounds from the 2016 primary between him and Hillary Clinton’s allies.”

“Ah, yes, the action of a true leader, writing formal letters to websites to complain that they are allowed to criticize him,” tweets Sady Doyle. And Clyde Haberman thinks it’s “Not a banner day for people named Sanders. Trump's press secretary smears House members and the Vermont senator whines. I’m old enough to remember when Socialists were a lot tougher than this.” Moira Donegan points out, “If Warren threw this kind of tantrum over bad press the conventional wisdom would immediately become that she was too fragile and emotional for the job.”

Oh, one more thing, via Vogel: “Thanks, @Drudge, for linking our @nytimes scoop on @BernieSanders calling out @amprog! Oh, wait ... never mind, you linked a rip-off of our story on @HillReporter. If you want the link to the actual story, it can be found here.”

Pete’s appeal

For a change of pace, there’s always Mayor Pete, and as Olivia Nuzzi writes in her New York magazine profile of the just-officially-declared candidate, Mayor Pete Is the Democrats’ Folksiest Heartland Hope. Really! Nuzzi captures the South Bend mayor in “that dreamy season between obscurity and overexposure,” and, as Jason Pontin says, “The only political journalist I actually *enjoy* reading (even when she's mostly just piling up the quotes with an endearing shrug, as here) is @Olivianuzzi. She's smart, funny, frank.” Adds Ian Frisch, “This is a great example of how a literary device (short sentences, oscillating between question and answer) can illuminate the underlying thesis of Mayor Pete: What’s not to like—and is that a good or bad thing? Digging this piece so far, @Olivianuzzi.”

What’s at stake

In a new piece for The New York Times, Paul Mozur takes a look at How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority. Keith Bradsher highlights, “China programs outdoor facial recognition cameras to identify its Muslim Uighur minority: move makes ‘China a pioneer in applying next-generation technology to watch its people, potentially ushering in a new era of automated racism.’” Jennifer Valentino-DeVries says, “This important story by ⁦@paulmozur⁩ shows us what’s at stake in the use of surveillance technology. The issues in China are not the precise ones in the US, but the automation of racism — explicit or inexplicit — concerns us all.” And Christopher Mims notices a “Minor detail in this terrifying piece but one of the AI surveillance systems China is sinking billions into is actually called ‘Skynet.’”

A terrible secret

Adam Goldman links to a pretty big “SCOOP: For more than five years, her employer and her government imposed an especially strict media blackout, warning that any mention not only of her identity, but even of her nationality, could endanger her. w/@rcallimachi.” In ISIS Kidnapped Her 5 Years Ago. The Red Cross Thinks She May Still Be Alive, Goldman and Rukmini Callimachi of The New York Times tell the story of Louisa Akavi, a New Zealand nurse and midwife who was abducted in late 2013 in the northwest Syrian city of Idlib. Callimachi explains, “For 5+ years, ⁦@adamgoldmanNYT⁩ and I were privy to a terrible secret: Louisa Akavi, a nurse from New Zealand had been kidnapped by ISIS. Her employer asked us not to publish her name for fear it could endanger her. Finally we can share her story.” Goldman adds, “I was conflicted over the years when it came to publicizing her case. These are not easy calls for journalists. In the end, I respected the wishes of the @ICRC but never forgot one day I would write about Louisa.”


Hey guess what. Hackers could read your Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook emails by abusing Microsoft support. That depressing scoop is from Joseph Cox at Motherboard, who tweets, “When a load of other tech sites reported on this, Microsoft only told them about the email metadata that was compromised (subject lines, etc). When I presented our evidence to Microsoft that inboxes had been compromised, the company changed their stance.”

And click

Let’s move on to The Legend of Keanu Reeves, shall we? That’s the GQ profile of Keanu Reeves by Alex Pappademas, who writes, “Every generation gets its own Keanu Reeves, except every generation’s Keanu Reeves is this Keanu Reeves.” Bradford Pearson tweets, “Me: Monday morning baby! Let’s crack open these windows, pour a fresh cup of ‘joe,’ and get to writing! GQ: Pappademas profiled Keanu Reeves.” “And click,” Lacey Rose finishes the thought. Mark Berman tweets same: “you: I— me: shhhhhhh there’s a Keanu profile.”

Also, “This @PAPPADEMAS profile is great but more importantly Keanu Reeves is 54? Gimme that Paul Rudd age quiz comparing photos for this man,” tweets Ilana Kaplan. And as Heidi Moore says, “All I needed today was to know for certain that Keanu Reeves is a voracious reader. Now I'm set for life.”

Portugal’s secret pastry weapon

To find out why Wout Vergauwen “*reconsiders breakfast options*” read Bloomberg’s Alice Kantor on The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata, and Why It’s Suddenly Everywhere. Yes, “The rest of the world has finally gotten hip to Portugal’s secret pastry weapon,” as Chris Rovzar tweets. Timothy Coulter explains, “The Pastel de Nata is becoming ubiquitous. It's not 100% obvious why but part of it is government sponsorship and an upstart marketing campaign.” Seems to be working. Tweets Lisa Fleisher, “I’d have one for breakfast. Or three. Also, lunch.”

Monday round-up


Question of the Day

On Friday, we asked: Gloria Steinem opposed Bret Easton Ellis' “American Psycho” over its portrayal of violence toward women. Years later, how did the feminist activist unintentionally become connected to the film project?

Answer: Steinem talked Leonardo DiCaprio out of playing Patrick Bateman, so the lead role went to Christian Bale. Then, on September 3, 2000—less than five months after “American Psycho’s” film release—Steinem married David Bale, Christian Bale’s father.

Congrats to…Dan Rosenbaum, first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…Will Ferrell’s father was a longtime keyboardist and saxophonist for what musical act?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack.

Career Updates

Updates at AP, Time, Fox Business Network

Associated Press video journalist Brian Skoloff has been appointed West deputy news director for video. He’ll be overseeing video coverage across 13 western states from AP’s regional hub in Phoenix. Skoloff joined the AP in 2000 as a text reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Alana Semuels, who has been with The Atlantic since October 2014, is joining Time magazine as its senior economics correspondent. She previously worked at the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

And Jackie DeAngelis is joining Fox Business Network as a financial correspondent. She spent 13 years at CNBC before leaving in December 2018 for Yahoo Finance, where she anchored the midday program “The Ticker.”

Don’t forget - if you change your job in journalism or move to a different news organization, be sure to email us (hello [at] muckrack [dot] com) so we can reflect your new title. News job changes only, please! Thanks!

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