Shame he forgot to register the website

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Shame he forgot to register the website
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Injustice is everywhere

Reporting for the Chicago Sun-Times, Matthew Hendrickson pointed us to a New video showing Chicago cops dragging, punching, and tasing a CPS student. “The video appears to contradict the officers’ statements that the student initiated the violent encounter after the incident to justify their use of force,” Kathy Chaney emphasized.  

At CityLab, Kriston Capps pointed out that The Worst Thing About Hudson Yards Isn't the Architecture. Citing info they obtained through FOIA, we learn that New York State gerrymandered a map to qualify Hudson Yards for $1.6 billion in financing meant for low-income areas—by threading it to public housing in Harlem. “The real obscenity is its cash-for-visas financing,” Capps wrote.

Do not overlook this piece in The Guardian written by Jacob Steinberg: From parks to Premier League: the shocking scale of racism in English football. Steinberg warned it’s a “long read [&] contains some upsetting language.” He also added, “Have spent the few weeks hearing some shocking and depressing stories about the level of racism in English football. It exists in every corner of the game, from the grassroots to the Premier League.”

'powdered-sugar Saddam plucked straight from his spider-hole'

In The Atlantic, Michael Weiss laid out why Julian Assange Got What He Deserved. Folks cannot stop raving about the lede so here it is for you in all its shady glory:

“In the end, the man who reportedly smeared feces on the walls of his lodgings, mistreated his kitten, and variously blamed the ills of the world on feminists and bespectacled Jewish writers was pulled from the Ecuadorian embassy looking every inch like a powdered-sugar Saddam plucked straight from his spider-hole.”

Silk Road 2 Founder Dread Pirate Roberts 2 was Caught and Jailed for 5 Years, according to Joseph Cox at Motherboard. “For years the arrest and case have been a secret; he's been on bail since 2014. DPR2 was, in fact, Thomas White (@CthulhuSec), a privacy activist and technologist,” Cox revealed.

Apparently, the Manhattan DA knew billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile but still “inexplicably” argued for his leniency in 2011. Susan Edelman and Rebecca Rosenberg wrote about it in the New York Post.

A closer look

them. published its debut cover story. In Janelle Monáe: Living Out Loud, Lizzo and Monáe discuss “coming out, freedom, and living and loving out loud.” There’s also this quote from the multi-hyphenate artist: “We can’t afford to see things in a binary way. That’s not how the world works.”

In the New York Times, Erica L. Green went to Akron, Ohio to write LeBron James Opened a School That Was Considered an Experiment. It’s Showing Promise. She also tweeted, “We show up when a school is hailed a success, or when it is deemed a failure. It is rare, and considered a risk, when we show up as they’re just starting to figuring it all out. I think that should change.”

And Georgetown University Students Agreed to Create a Reparations Fund, per Adeel Hassan at the New York Times. Christina Cauterucci explained the students “voted to raise their tuition $27 per semester, putting $380,000 a year into a reparations fund that will benefit descendants of the enslaved people Gtown sold in the 1830s.”

'I wrote the piece I wanted to read'

A researcher told Washington Post’s Michael Kranish that The Russian effort to target Bernie Sanders supporters in 2016 was even more than previously known. John Wagner called it, “Inside the Russian effort to target Sanders supporters — and help elect Trump.”

For a look into Elizabeth Warren: The Republican Years, read Alex Scott Thompson in Politico.  Scott Bland called it a “Fascinating story on Elizabeth Warren’s years as a registered Republican — and her transformation as she studied bankruptcy.” Herb Scribner urged, “Read this @AlxThomp profile on Warren: Great quote: ‘She really did have a ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion when she saw the bankrupt consumers really were suffering—forced into bankruptcy by illness, firing or divorce—and not predators.’” And Ben Weyl added, “Uh oh — Warren has ‘a willingness to change when presented with new data, and the anger of someone who trusted the system and felt betrayed.’”

At The Guardian, Moira Donegan wrote that Elizabeth Warren is the intellectual powerhouse of the Democratic party. “I wrote the piece I wanted to read about Elizabeth Warren’s policy agenda,” Donegan admitted on Twitter.

Don’t forget about 2020 candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg, he talked about taxing the rich, the future of American capitalism, and how the “empirical collapse of the supply-side consensus” has created an opening for massive economic policy change to CNBC’s John Harwood.

The Trumps

Nick Miroff at the Washington Post reported that the White House previously proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes. He tweeted: “White House pushed a plan to punish political rivals by busing ICE detainees into sanctuary cities & releasing them on streets, according to DHS whistleblowers & Trump admin emails reviewed by The Post.”

There are also reports that Trump advisers discussed whether the military could build and run migrant detention camps, according to Julia Ainsley and Courtney Kube at NBC News.

But sure, Bret Easton Ellis Thinks You’re Overreacting to Donald Trump. At least according to Isaac Chotiner’s latest piece for The New Yorker. The man who brought Patrick Bateman to life and into the public consciousness also discussed #MeToo and political correctness. “At this point, I'm surprised whenever terrible people are foolish enough to agree to an Isaac Chotiner interview, but I'm sure glad that Bret Easton Ellis did,” Yun Hwan Chae admitted.

In what Mariana Alfaro called “the read of the day,” Elaina Plott’s profile of the first daughter was published in The Atlantic. Don’t let the weekend pass without reading Ivanka Trump: What Does She Want? On Twitter, Plott shared, “I spent the last three months profiling Ivanka Trump. This is the result.” Her editor Adrienne LaFrance added, “There are so many amazing moments in this just-published profile of Ivanka Trump by @elainaplott. Elaina interviewed President Trump, Jared Kushner, Don Jr., and nearly 50 others for this story.” And here’s a quote from that piece to get you started: “She’s like her dad in that she’s very good at managing details. Her father is meticulous with details and has a great memory." Can you guess who said it? Answer at the bottom of the email. 

'We don't expect anyone to take him seriously'

The account @ByDonkeys (aka Led By Donkeys) tweeted, “Big day ahead for @Nigel_Farage and his new Brexit Party as he launches his European election campaign. Shame he forgot to register the website.” The accompanying link points to and it looks like this →

Also in Britain, the Daily Telegraph was forced to correct a false Brexit claim by Boris Johnson, according to The Guardian’s Jim Waterson. Absolutely everyone who’s tweeted a link to the story has included this bit: “Mitchell Stirling, a statistician from Reading, said he made the complaint because he felt ‘a potential prime minister shouldn’t be able to make things up in a weekly column.'”

You can see the court ruling here, which also includes a bit where the Daily Telegraph “explains the proper way to read Boris Johnson's columns,” according to Matt Drinkwater. Lorcan Roche Kelly added, “The Telegraph's defense of a Boris Johnson article is basically ‘we don't expect anyone to take him seriously.’ (They still lost the complaint.)”


Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Now that her divorce to Jeff Bezos is final, MacKenzie Bezos is the third richest woman in the world according to Forbes — behind what two women?

Answer: Number 1 is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers (net worth of $49.3bn), the granddaughter of L’Oreal’s founder, and number 2 is Walmart heir Alice Walton ($44.4bn).

Cindi Lash‏ was the first to tweet the correct answer. Congratulations!

Your question of the day for today is…Gloria Steinem opposed Bret Easton Ellis' “American Psycho” over its portrayal of violence toward women. Years later, how did the feminist activist unintentionally become connected to the film project?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winner on Monday!

(It’s Jared Kushner.)

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