Dolly Parton is basically @SenWarren's Fugazi

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Dolly Parton is basically @SenWarren's Fugazi
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Aware of the irony

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer at Politico teamed up to explain How Trump Conspired with the Freedom Caucus to Shut Down the Government. Their piece is the cover of Politico Magazine this week.

Over at The Daily Beast, Asawin Suebsaeng and Maxwell Tani reported that The President Is Already Plotting His Post-Presidential, Tell-All Memoir.

Philip Bump’s Analysis this week in the Washington Post revealed that The Trumps were once one of many immigrant families in the working-class Bronx. Bump revealed on Twitter: “I believe I tracked down the building where Donald Trump's father was born. It's now home to a bodega run by a family of Muslim immigrants from Africa, who are aware of the irony.”

Over at the New York Times, Maggie Haberman and Nicholas Fandos wrote that Trump Asked That Confirmation of I.R.S. Counsel Be a Priority. “SCOOP: Trump asked McConnell to fast-track the confirmation of the IRS chief counsel in Feb, saying it should go even before Barr,” Haberman tweeted.

Thursday night, attorneys for Michael Cohen submitted documents to lawmakers accusing Trump and his team of lawyers of instructing Cohen to lie to Congress about when negotiations ended to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, per Emma Loop, Jason Leopold, and Anthony Cormier at BuzzFeed News.

And Jonathan Swan at Axios got the scoop that Trump is expected to name Herman Cain to the Fed.

Nonpublic information

Elsewhere in Washington D.C., Hamed Aleaziz at BuzzFeed News wrote that Homeland Security Staffers Were Warned Not To Leak information Or Face Legal Consequences. He tweeted: “DHS employees were warned Thursday not to disclose “nonpublic information” or potentially face criminal, civil, or administrative consequences, a senior agency official said in a department-wide email to staff and obtained by BuzzFeed News.”

While we’re talking about the government, Ben Terris at the Washington Post tried to figure out What the heck does Steve King do all day? Terris begins, “Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, has less to do than any congressman in recent history.”

This is crazy

Women Candidates Have Fun Hobbies Too, They Just Don't Get to Talk About Them, Michelle Ruiz astutely pointed out in Vogue. “This is crazy, but women candidates also have dogs, read books and listen to music! Dolly Parton is basically @SenWarren's Fugazi,” she tweeted. Julie Vadnal replied, “THANK U 4 THIS.”

But speaking of male candidates, Bernie Sanders still declines to say when he will release his tax returns, Ted Barrett pointed out at CNN. “Bernie suggests he’ll release his taxes around April 15th, but when @tedbarrettcnn⁩ pushes for more clarity an aide steps in Unlike most of the other Dems in the race, Sanders has held few media avails on the trail,” Jonathan Martin pointed out.

International news

The AP reported that ⁩Saudi Arabia has detained more people, including a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen. They are not seen as frontline activists. Rather, are writers and advocates who quietly supported greater social reforms, per Brinley Bruton’s tweet.

The BBC updated that the UK asked EU for a Brexit extension until 30 June.

Reuters said Egypt killed hundreds of suspected militants in disputed gun battles. Emily Wither tweeted, “Researchers documenting human rights abuses tell Reuters that Egyptian police have embarked on a spate of ‘extra judicial killings knowing that no one will hold them accountable.’”

Foreign Policy’s Lara Seligman wrote Did India Shoot Down a Pakistani Jet? U.S. Count Says No. “India's been claiming it shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in February. But a U.S. count of F-16 jets in Pakistan suggests New Delhi had it wrong,” Ravi Agrawal added.

And you should read How China Turned a City Into a Prison from Chris Buckley, Paul Mozur, and Austin Ramzy in the New York Times. Sui-Lee Wee even hailed it, “A feat of storytelling.”

It did not go well

Per Katia Dmitrieva at Bloomberg, the U.S. Jobs Report for March 2019 told us that Payrolls Top Estimates and Wages Ease. “BREAKING: 196K new jobs. Unemployment rate holds steady at 3.8% Wage growth slows to 3.2% from 3.4%,” Joe Weisenthal tweeted.

The FBI director says white supremacy is a “persistent, pervasive threat” to the U.S., Marshall Cohen reported at CNN.

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger and Paul Kiel write about the time The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy and It Didn’t Go Well. “Ten years ago, the IRS created a SEAL Team Six to go after the ultrawealthy like Donald Trump. It did not go well,” Eisinger added.

Rampant entitlement and douchebaggery

Caitlin Flanagan took some time to put together her thoughts on What the College-Admissions Scandal Reveals and you can read them in The Atlantic. "The collapse of manufacturing jobs has been to poor whites what the elite college-admissions crunch has been to wealthy ones. A smaller and smaller slice of pie for people who were used to having the fattest piece of all," Herb Scribner tweeted from the piece. Ray Locker added, “The schadenfreude is strong in the college admission scandal. Rampant entitlement and douchebaggery.”

The saga continues because Joshua Miller told a story in the Boston Globe about a man who bought the fencing coach’s house. Then his son got into Harvard. “If you’ve been following the college admissions fairness debate, you’re going to want to read this one,” Cynthia Needham assured. Todd Wallack called it “Another crazy college admission story.” Christina Prignano explained, “A wealthy Maryland businessman bought the Harvard fencing coach’s house. Then his son got into Harvard. The businessman sold the house 17 months later at a substantial loss.”

The death of local media

Charles Bethea at the New Yorker interviewed Tom Feran, The Reporter Who Wrote About Layoffs at the Cleveland Plain Dealer After He Was Laid Off. Scott Suttell tweeted, "’It was quiet this past week or two. There was sadness, and, I think, grief. It’s a bit like a wake before the death occurs, I guess, although it’s been kind of a continuing process.’ Excellent @NewYorker piece on Tom Feran and @ThePlainDealer.” Laura DeMarco added this quote from the story: "A newspaper serves a lot of different constituencies. It serves a whole community. It explains a community to itself, and a website isn’t necessarily going to do that..."

One more thing

Nipsey Hussle's brother recounts his final moments to Angel Jennings at the LA Times. “I just wish I would’ve been there,” Samiel Asghedom said.

And scene

Kelsey Piper at Vox got the exclusive that Google canceled its AI ethics board in response to outcry. Some background: “This week, Vox and other outlets reported that Google’s newly created AI ethics board was falling apart amid controversy over several of the board members. Well, it’s officially done falling apart — it’s been canceled. Google told Vox on Thursday that it’s pulling the plug on the ethics board. The board survived for barely more than one week.” Evan Selinger called it an “Update from my thread of all of 30 minutes ago. Apparently, Google has actually canceled the AI ethics board!” Mark Bergen rounded this out with: “And scene.”


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