World's greatest dancing 106-year-old

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World's greatest dancing 106-year-old
February 23rd, 2016
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On today's daily dose of Muck Rack insights, we take a look at Marcomm, an informed, transparent and forward-looking combination of marketing and communications. Also, today is #muckedup day! Got a relevant question for the group to tackle? Tweet it to our moderator, and then join the chat at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST by tweeting with and following the #muckedup hashtag.

Today in viral news

"World's greatest dancing 106-year-old is still great," concludes Washington Post's J duLac of our latest viral sensation, the elderly woman who charmed the Obamas with her footwork at the White House (nearing 35,000 shares right now). "I can die smiling now," Virginia McLaurin told reporters of her experience, which was made especially special by the fact that she picked cotton in the fields as a child and never dreamed she "might one day eat in the same restaurants as white people," let alone meet the nation's first black president. "I could read stories about the 106-year-old woman who danced with the Obamas all day," admits Vulture's Jessica Goldstein. "I will never not click on an 'old black person meets Obama' story, but this from @ColbyItkowitz is exceptional," admits WaPo's Wesley Lowery. "The number of emails I've received from readers wanting buy/give her an iPhone/iPad is so heartening. Love humanity," shares the story's author, Colby Itkowitz. At Bloomberg News, Justin Sink warns, "watch out @flotus - 106-yr-old dancing woman on meeting @potus: 'I wish I could have 30 minutes alone with him.'"

Now that we've made you smile, we regrettably must make you frown again: the New York Times reports that seas are rising at the fastest rate in the last 28 centuries. "I didn't know we could precisely measure sea level rise over the course of the last 2,800 years. But this is scary," reacts Josh Greenman at the New York Daily News. "It raises the Q: What was happening w/ sea levels in ANCIENT ROME?" wonders NPR's Julie McCarthy. In the latest wrinkle in the Apple-vs.-FBI fracas, Bill Gates is backing the FBI's iPhone hack request. "Bill Gates offers a kick, rather than a hand, to Tim Cook on the ground— siding with FBI in iPhone backdoor dispute," Roll Call's Eli Yokley elaborates. Gates is far from alone, however -- at this time it looks like there's slightly more support for the Justice Department than for Apple in this dispute. "Where are all the tech libertarians?" asks Jon Healey with the LA Times. At the same time, it appears the Justice Department is trying to force Apple to extract data from about 12 other iPhones. "What happened to 'just this 1 phone'?" asks Re/code's Kenneth Li. Plus, here's an actual exclusive: Deutsche Boerse and the London Stock Exchange are in merger talks. "Great Reuters scoop, just confirmed by LSE," points out Rachel Armstrong there.

In politics, we're analyzing how Jeb Bush spent $130 million running for president with nothing to show for it. "New theory on why Bush's campaign was such a disaster: he was feeding them shitty pizza," jokes VICE's Aaron Gordon. But while voters might not miss Jeb Bush, campaign reporters surely will -- like Ashley Parker, who lovingly writes, "He was your goofy dad, your awkward uncle." National Journal's Ron Fournier reflects, "Wonder if voters would have been better served reading this nice @nytimes piece before @JebBush dropped out." Elsewhere in the GOP race, of course, Ben Carson claims Obama was "raised white," Ted Cruz toughens up by telling Bill O'Reilly he would deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants, and Donald Trump wished he could punch a protester in the face. "We may give him the nuclear codes," Fournier adds here. In far more sobering news, Sen. Claire McCaskill announces she's learned that she has breast cancer, although the prognosis looks good. "Sen. McCaskill is well liked by all her colleagues & always ready w a spirited quote for the press--strength to her," NBC's Luke Russert responds to the news. And with all of that going on, we nearly missed that Spike Lee endorsed Bernie Sanders. "Spike Lee feels the Bern," quips CNN's Manu Raju

In media and more

Today's top talk in press circles concerns the fact that CEO Jack Griffin is out at Tribune Publishing (hat tip to Ken Doctor for that scoop). "The newest episode of As Tribune Turns," LAT's Joel Rubin calls it while at Mother JonesClara Jeffery bills it as "Tribune Company shit show enters second decade." TIME Inc. seems to be eyeing whether to join the fray of Yahoo's suitors, which prompts Fortune's Erin Griffith to muse, "merging Time with a portal didn’t work when both parties were coming from a position of strength. but today? SURE!!" Plus, Politico busies itself with investigating our newest newspaper mogul Sheldon Adelson and the case of the missing $100 million while over in China, premier Xi Jinping insists that Chinese media serve the Communist party. "In 1992, state media made it clear Mao was not a god. They remain undecided about Xi," NYT's Philip Pan observes. And in happier media news, the New York Times has awarded David Carr fellowships to three lucky journos. "Introducing the David Carr fellows, @greghoward88 @amandahess @jwherrman. A badass bunch that Carr would be proud of," declares Damien Cave at the Times. 

Question of the day

Our last question asked: According to the Brown Daily Herald, what is placing strain on students these days? Time spent on advocacy and activism.

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Mark GibbsKen Walker (who adds this relevant gif), Ron Casalotti (who notes "The fourth 'R' that makes the first three tough: (Readin'; wRitin'; aRithmatic) & Rallyin'") and Claudine Laforce for answering correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: In an effort to reverse its "rambunctuous culture," Zenefits has told its employees not to do what?

Click here to submit your answers to @MuckRack. IMPORTANT: If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find it (the link will automatically do so for you)! 

... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Featured journalist: Georgianne Nienaber

Say hello to Georgianne Nienaber, an investigative and political writer based in rural northern Minnesota and South Florida who boasts bylines all over the world: her articles have appeared in The Society of Professional Journalists' online Quill Magazine, LA Progressive, The Ugandan Independent, Rwanda's New Times, India's TerraGreen, Lake Country Journal, ZNET, OpEdNews, Glide Magazine, The Journal of the International Primate Protection League, Africa Front, The United Nations Publication, A Civil Society Observer and Zimbabwe's The Daily Mirror. Some of her past journalistic experiences include working in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a MONUC-accredited journalist and working in Southern Louisiana investigating hurricane reconstruction, post-Katrina. Neinaber also counts herself as a member of a host of journalistic organizations, including the Society of Professional Journalists, Independent Reporters and Editors, the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the International Folk Alliance. When asked where she is when she isn't at her computer, Nienaber replied, "On an airplane, but I can still be on a computer there. So, let's go with kayaking." Check out samples of her work here in her Muck Rack portfolio!

Remember: If you also want to be featured here, you should 1) set up your own journalist portfolio 2) get verified and 3) let us know by emailing Kirsten.

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Monday

Today's top career news:

  • The much beloved New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan (at right) will soon be Washington Post's newest media columnist. Read more here.

Meanwhile, Fortune has made a slew of new hires:

  • Lauren Covello joins as editor to run a new vertical called Venture on Covello previously served as managing editor of, the digital arm of Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Rachel King has joined Fortune's tech team as an editor. She joins from CBS Interactive in San Francisco, where she covered business technology for ZDNet and CNET.
  • Lucinda Shen also joins as a reporter. Shen recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism.
  • Sayak “Sy” Mukherjee will also be a writer for Fortune. Mukherjee is tasked with helping write a daily newsletter on the health care/pharmaceutical industry, debuting in late April.
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