Look who showed up to ruin your holiday

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Look who showed up to ruin your holiday
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Merry Christmas, Muck Rack Daily readers!

Today’s a good day to take a break from the relentless news cycle, but we’ll keep you in the loop with a few highlights.


Wraps it up, puts a bow on it

The holidays can be a time of loneliness and depression for many, and each of us handles those kinds of feelings in different ways. For one such tale of seasonal depression, read Philip Rucker at The Washington Post, ‘I am all alone’: An isolated Trump unleashes a storm of Yuletide gloom. As Tracy Jan says, “T’was the night b4 Christmas when @PhilipRucker offered this story with a superior beginning to ‘It was a dark & stormy night’: The Christmas Eve grievances billowing from the White House on Monday formed a heavy cloud of Yuletide gloom.” Sounds a bit like “Trump celebrates Festivus a day late,” as Jim Roberts tweets. Either way, “Masterfully, ⁦@PhilipRucker⁩ wraps up this day of presidential rage and recrimination and puts a bow on it. Essential evening reading,” tweets Shane Harris.


Misery loves company, as they say, and maybe that’s why Trump asked a child if 7-year-olds still believe in Santa during a Christmas Eve phone call, which Eric Levenson writes about for CNN. Apparently, Trump asked the child, "Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it's marginal, right?"

Daniel Victor says, “Did my best to write about Trump's Santa Claus incident without giving away the big secret to our 7-year-old readers.” But just in case, for all you Muck Rack Daily and New York Times readers under 8 out there, heed the headline and pass on his piece, Kids, Please Do Not Read This Article on What Trump Said About Santa Claus. Especially because, as Niraj Chokshi points out, “Well... FACT CHECK: True!” Maybe the age limit needs to be raised though. “Wait. What are you telling me?! #spoileralert,” tweets.

Creepy AF

Oh wow this is a weird one. Ryan Parker of The Hollywood Reporter reports that Kevin Spacey Has Been Charged With Felony Sexual Assault for an alleged assault on a male victim at a Nantucket bar in July 2016. He’ll be arraigned on Jan. 7, 2019. Here’s where it gets weird. Writes Parker, “As news of his arraignment broke on Monday, a video was shared from Spacey’s official Twitter account of the actor seemingly addressing real-life events while in character as his Frank Underwood from House of Cards. The video is titled, ‘Let Me Be Frank.’” Parker describes the video, but you really just have to see it. “Look who showed up to ruin your holiday. This insane video may be a new low,” tweets Matt Belloni.

Adds Brian Balthazar, “Just in case you didn’t think Kevin Spacey was creepy and deranged already, he released a video to seal the deal.” And Kim Masters shares, “This video is creepy AF. I have a source and I dearly wish he’d go on the record.” 

Matt Rocheleau and Jaclyn Reiss of The Boston Globe first reported on the story of Spacey’s felony charge, Actor Kevin Spacey faces criminal complaint in alleged sexual assault at Nantucket bar.

The only major threat

Welp, the Dow dropped 653 points in its worst Christmas Eve trading day ever (100,000+ shares), reports Kalhan Rosenblatt of NBC News. And at The Washington Post, Thomas Heath writes, U.S. markets continue sharp sell-off, ignoring efforts by the Trump administration to stabilize stock prices. Michelle Singletary’s advice: “If you've got some time before you retire just don't look at your portfolio.”

Meanwhile, in a good news/bad news story, Neil Irwin writes at The New York Times, The Economy Is Still Strong. The Risk for 2019 Is That Leadership Turns a Mild Shock Into a Crisis. Tweets Noam Scheiber, “@Neil_Irwin's take is very sensible: US economic fundamentals are sound, only major threat is chaotic leadership. But should that diagnosis make you calm or panic? Unclear.” 

Holiday round-up


Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: George Carlin said he was once nearly fired from a DJ job for playing what Christmas song repeatedly?

Answer: Stan Freberg’s satirical song, “Green Chri$tma$.”

Congrats to…Craig Pittman, first to tweet the correct answer, along with a link to the song here.

Your question of the day for today is...Soon after “It’s A Wonderful Life” was released, it came under suspicion by the FBI and the House Un-American Activities Committee as Communist propaganda. What novelist/philosopher helped the FBI in its investigation and testified before HUAC as a “friendly witness”?

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