Och. Fokkin hell.

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Och. Fokkin hell.
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Happy day after Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying a relaxing long weekend. And for all the journalists in newsrooms today, we see you. Thank you for your work.  


Bedlam, braggadocio, & lots of Trumpian touches

If you’re wondering how Trump spent his Turkey Day, Josh Dawsey at the Washington Post filed ‘HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!’: Rhetorical bedlam erupts as President Trump speaks to the world from Mar-a-Lago. On Twitter, Dawsey added, “Trump reinvents the presidential Thanksgiving with bedlam, braggadocio and lots of Trumpian touches — and news — in a frenetic Florida morning.”

Eliana Johnson at Politico says Kelly and Nielsen opposed the immigration order in a fiery West Wing debate. “Of course, the white nationalist at #Trump’s side, Stephen Miller, supported an unconstitutional order against immigrants,” David Beard commented.

Elsewhere at Politico, Elana Schor reported about Sherrod Brown setting his sights on Trump in 2020. The Ohio Democrat said in the interview: “I have some concerns that, no offense, but one of you is going to end up dead because of the way he's talking about this."

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Elizabeth Landers wrote that Nick Ayers could be Trump's next chief of staff calling him, “Young, rich and loyal.”

Washington Asks Allies To Drop Huawei, Stu Woo and Kate O’Keeffe wrote in the Wall Street Journal. Steve Kopack explained on Twitter: “The U.S. is asking allies, like Italy, Germany, & Japan, to ban Huawei telecom equipment over worries the Chinese could use the company’s equipment to spy or to disable critical connections. Some of the concerns center around U.S. foreign military bases.”

Meanwhile, Warning signs mount for Trump’s reelection bid, according to that Steven Shepard wrote in Politico.

Matt Viser at the Washington Post told the world that Mississippi state senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has embraced Confederate history more than once in her political career.

The good guys die

According to David Sanger and William J. Broad’s reporting in the New York Times, Saudis Want a U.S. Nuclear Deal. [But] Can They Be Trusted Not to Build a Bomb? Sanger explained: “Pres. Trump believes the Khashoggi matter is closed, & relations w/ Saudi Arabia now return to normal. The counter-argument is SA needs a punishment that costs it billions and lasts a generation - and killing the nuclear deal is one option.⁩”

Over at the Washington Post, Greg Sargent’s Opinion piece insists Democrats must hold Trump accountable on Saudi Arabia. Adam Schiff explains how.

And One of Syria’s most famous activists was killed by assassins in a rebel stronghold, Louisa Loveluck wrote in the Washington Post. “Another Middle East journalist was murdered, this time in Idlib, Syria,” Josh Rogin said. Liz Sly put the situation in a greater context: “One constant in Syria's war: the good guys die. Democracy activist Raed Fares was assassinated today, with his colleague, Hammoud al-Junaid. They were opposed by both the government and the extremists.”

Thanks but no thanks

Hillary Clinton reportedly said Europe must curb immigration to stop right wing populists, according to Patrick Wintour at The Guardian. “Yes Hillary Clinton we really need your advice telling us to cave in to xenophobia and racism. Thanks but no thanks,” Faiza Shaheen wrote. “Or: European and U.S. left must stop pandering to and thereby bolstering populist right myths on immigration,” Rachel Shabi suggested. “Hillary Clinton[‘s] controversial view partly formed by defeat against Trump,” Paul Johnson offered.

Nesrine Malik believes Hillary Clinton’s chilling pragmatism gives populism a free pass and wrote as much in The Guardian. Malik also tweeted: “Clinton’s ‘beat them at their own game’ strategy is the default position on the establishment center, a capitulation of laziness, defeatism and gullibility.”

Absolutely bloody terrible

From ITV, news that an Email blunder reveals doubts within the CBI about Theresa May's draft Brexit agreement. It includes the phrase, “It’s not a good deal.” “Read @ITVJoel's excellent story here,” Amber Elliott encouraged.

Ian Dunt at Politics.co.uk was a bit more straightforward when he wrote May's Brexit deal is a humiliation for Britain. “Chapter and verse on what Theresa May has set the UK up for in 2020 from @IanDunt It is absolutely bloody terrible. Read this,” Julia Raeside urged.

An impossible fantasy

Facebook posted Elliot Schrage on Definers late Wednesday as everyone was leaving the office for Thanksgiving. Jon Passantino called them out on it saying, “Facebook dumps news at 5 pm ET before Thanksgiving that it did ask Definers to go after Soros.” Josh Constine added, “Facebook has now officially released the Schrage memo we published last night.” “We” being TechCrunch.

Oilsands waste is collected in sprawling toxic ponds. To clean them up, oil companies plan to pour water on them, Emma McIntosh and David Bruser published in the Toronto Star. Sandro Contenta highlighted this quote from the piece: “It’s biologically and chemically an impossible fantasy.”

Being a journalist is not a crime

In The Guardian, Rob Evans had news on a court ruling that declared a journalist was unlawfully barred from the Labour conference. “My amazing friend, the writer and activist @MikeSegalov, was barred from Labour conference by @sussex_police as a ‘dangerous leftwing extremist.’ Today the court has ruled it was unlawful. Victory ✊🏻” Owen Jones tweeted. Segalov himself added, “Fourteen months later, and the High Court has today ruled in my favor after police illegally banned me from Labour's 2017 conference. Being a journalist is not a crime. It's a nice feeling, Changing the law. My lawyers @RaviNa1k & @judebunting to thank ✊🏾

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber shared his thoughts on the future of financial journalism and they include the phrase “Too big to fail.”

Oliver Kamm shared How credulous cranks made me the subject of their conspiracy theory in CapX. Oliver Wiseman deemed it “A must-read parable for the era of fake news,” explaining this is the story of “How Russian sympathizers and Assad apologists cooked up a baseless conspiracy theory about Oliver Kamm - and made it onto the BBC.”

The Value of Scotsman news titles collapsed from £160m to £4m, according to Mark Sweney at The Guardian. Jim Waterson explained, “Thanks to the Johnston Press collapse, we have an idea of how much they thought their newspapers were worth in 2018: -The Scotsman: £4m (bought for £160m in 2005) -Yorkshire Post: £5.5m -The i paper: £70m (although the highest bid received was only £35m).” Claire Daly thought “This makes depressing reading.” Rob Mcgibbon had a more colorful reaction: “Och. Fokkin hell.”

Friday reads to get you through the weekend

As deadly flames approach, a mother calls her daughters to say goodbye is the heartbreaking story published by Corina Knoll in the LA Times.

Sky News reported that Les Dennis (an actor and comedian) denies spray-painting his own name around Norwich.

Adam Satariano, Elian Peltier, and Dmitry Kostyukov at the New York Times invite us to Meet Zora, the Robot Caregiver. “THIS.....” Christine Spolar tweeted.

Nolan Ryan Trowe wrote Revelations in a Wheelchair for the New York Times Opinion section. And it seems like The Read for this weekend. “It is ridiculous that many NYC subway stops are not wheelchair accessible,” Caroline Preston declared.


Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Though the third Sex and the City movie never happened but there was a script in place, and we now know that the plan was to kill off Mr. Big. How (and, for bonus points, where) was he going to die?

Answer: They were going to kill off John James Preston via a heart attack in the shower.

Congrats to trivia regular Maureen MacGregor‏ for being the first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…Which city reportedly has the worst Black Friday traffic in America?

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