Something we should all be thankful for

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Something we should all be thankful for
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Always ask for comment

On Thanksgiving, a civics lesson, courtesy of the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court: “The country does not have ‘Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,’ says the chief justice, admonishing Trump,” tweets Ken Dilanian. He links to the story by Pete Williams of NBC News, In rare rebuke, Chief Justice Roberts slams Trump for comment about ‘Obama judge.’

Roberts made the rebuke after a query by The Associated Press, notes AP’s Mark Sherman, writing in his piece, Roberts, Trump spar in extraordinary scrap over judges (25,000+ shares), “On the day before Thanksgiving, he concluded, ‘The independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.’” Carla K. Johnson points out, “This APNewsBreak shows why reporters should always ask for comment, even from those who rarely comment.” David Beard agrees, tweeting, “The importance of asking the question. If the @AP hadn’t made the long-shot try for comment from the Chief Justice, Roberts wouldn’t have answered.”

Robert Barnes covers the story at The Washington Post, Rebuking Trump’s criticism of ‘Obama judge,’ Chief Justice Roberts defends judiciary as ‘independent’ (71,000+ shares), and Adam Liptak has the story at The New York Times, Chief Justice Roberts Rebukes Trump Over ‘Obama Judge’ Comment (60,000+ shares). “Extraordinary times, extraordinary response,” says Carol Pogash.

Holding the powerful to account

In a new op-ed, Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan reveals Trump’s dangerous message to tyrants: Flash money and get away with murder. He writes, “On Thanksgiving Day, Americans can be grateful that we live under a Constitution that ensures the rule of law rather than the rule of one capricious man, and that it enables one branch of government to correct the failure of another...We can also be thankful that we have a vibrant press, protected by the First Amendment, that relentlessly seeks to hold the powerful to account.”

Another milestone

The scoops don’t take the holiday off. Aaron Mehta links to a “BIG BREAKING SCOOP: Our @TaraCopp breaks news that troops at the border are now authorized to use lethal force, do crowd control and employ temporary detention - which may run afoul of the Posse Comitatus Act.” That’s Tara Copp’s scoop at the Military Times, White House approves use of force, some law enforcement roles for border troops (87,000+ shares). Steve Silberman calls it “Another milestone in the GOP's lockstep march to fascism: John Kelly signs memo empowering border patrols to use ‘lethal force,’ flouting the Posse Comitatus Act.” That’s right — as Mehta tweets, “Of note, the executive order was signed not by Trump but by WH Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired Marine general.”

And now, “.@swin24 and @attackerman with the backstory: DHS requested a so-called force protection mission, Mattis declined because he didn't think he had the authority, so DHS went over his head to the White House.” Kathryn Watson links to the report by Spencer Ackerman and Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast, DHS Wouldn’t Take Mattis’ No for an Answer on Lethal Force.

Meanwhile, Nick Miroff, Josh Partlow and Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post report, Trump plan would force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as cases are processed, a major break with current policy. Tweets Miroff, “Whatever you think of CBP metering at ports of entry, it has been a pressure valve that helps diffuse tension at border. It’s consistent with DHS message that asylum seekers come legally. This Remain in Mexico plan would shut off the valve. Very risky.”

Every breath you take…

Sometimes you need more than tryptophan to get you through the night. As ProPublica tweets, “Millions of sleep apnea patients rely on CPAP breathing machines to get a good night’s rest. Health insurers use a variety of tactics, including surveillance, to make patients bear the costs. Experts say it’s part of the insurance industry playbook.” For that story, read You Snooze, You Lose: Insurers Make The Old Adage Literally True, by Marshall Allen of ProPublica. “Every breath you take…” tweets Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson. And “absolutely jaw-dropping reporting,” notes Greg Toppo. Read the Twitter thread by ProPublica’s Eric Umansky for the backstory on this piece. As Kim Painter says, “When the guy who finds out his CPAP machine is being used against him is an editor at @ProPublica.”

Thanksgiving Day traditions

Some good news: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might not be a nightmare after all, as Tamar Lapin of the New York Post puts it. Although “Seeing Charlie Brown being held under a net, presumably against his will, is a disturbing image,” tweets Kirsten Fleming

Amanda Arnold of The Cut reminds us that Thanksgiving Is the Least Sexy Holiday. As Lauren Steussy says, it’s “the sex education you never knew you needed.”

And in keeping with Morning Edition’s longstanding Thanksgiving Day tradition, classical music commentator Miles Hoffman gives listeners a sample of music that speaks to the themes of the holiday. Tune in to NPR’s 'Let's Turkey Trot': Festive Music About Fowl

Thursday reads


Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: It’s official: Bohemian Rhapsody is now the second highest-grossing music biopic of all time. What’s the first?

Answer: Straight Outta Compton, which made $161 million over its domestic theatrical run.

Congrats to…Ames Alexander, first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…Thankfully, the third Sex and the City movie never happened, but there was a script in place, and we now know that the plan was to kill off Mr. Big. How (and, for bonus points, where) was he going to die?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack.


Featured Journalist: David Adeleke

Today’s featured journalist is David Adeleke, a journalist, essayist and editor of Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa. He was previously the copy editor at Ventures Africa and an editor at Based in Nigeria, David is a Media and Journalism Fellow with the Charles Koch Institute, and he says one of the stories he’s most proud to have worked on is an exploration of the real reasons why Nigeria's young people vote for old men. Find out more and check out his portfolio here.

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