People who blast their nutsack full of silicone

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People who blast their nutsack full of silicone
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A town that’s not there

A Camp Fire’s destruction in northern California left rescue teams sifting through debris for human remains, Tim Craig reported for the Washington Post. “Butte Co. Sheriff just announced the number of persons unaccounted for in the Camp Fire is now 631. (Jumped by 500 today). Confirmed death toll is 63, after the remains of 7 more people found within past day or so,” Craig added on Twitter.

Benjamin Oreskes at the LA Times wrote what Deborah Blum called “A heartfelt tribute to the importance of local journalism.” His piece on The Chico Enterprise-Record titled As city burns around it, a newspaper rises is absolutely a must-read. Hailey Branson-Potts added, “Iconic #CampFire photo was taken on an iPhone from the roof of Chico Enterprise-Record by paper’s editor, David Little, because their only photographer is on leave. He also oversees Paradise Post. ‘How do you distribute a newspaper to a town that’s not there?’”

Elsewhere in the LA TimesNicole Santa Cruz and Marisa Gerber write about camp fire evacuees who were made homeless by flames and now face hardship, disease, and desperation.

Someone didn’t plan

It snowed in New York metro area yesterday it was the only thing that mattered - to some. Patrick McGeehan wrote at the New York Times that Snow Caused Commuter Chaos at Penn Station, Port Authority and on New Jersey Roadways. Jeff Mays shared this quote from an annoyed commuter and you can just see her face: “‘And this isn’t even a real storm,’ she said. ‘Someone didn’t plan.’” Gabriel Elizondo elaborated: “NYC and NJ are in complete transit chaos tonight. It really is as bad - or even worse -!as this article says. I saw first hand. It’s a mess out there.”

Elsewhere in the tri-state area, the AP reports that a couple and a homeless man were charged in a charitable scam in which they “made up a ‘feel good’ story about the man helping them so they could raise money through an online fundraiser.”

Pants on fire

Daniel Dale wondered, “How much lying did Donald Trump do in the run-up to the midterms?” In a piece for the Toronto Star, Dale discovered that Trump made 815 false claims in one month. “EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTEEN. It took him 286 days to make his first 815 false claims. He just did it in 31,” Dale added. The story is called “The staggering scale of Donald Trump’s pre-midterm dishonesty.”

Dale then wrote a Perspective piece for the Washington Post revealing that It’s easy to fact check Trump’s lies [because] he tells the same ones all the time.

Acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker told Trump he has concerns over sentencing reform bill, according to a scoop from Josh Dawsey and Seung Min Kim in the Washington Post. Dawsey pointed out that “Whitaker told a GOP senator [about it] this afternoon.”

Julia Edwards Ainsley, Courtney Kube, and Carol Lee at NBC News report that the White House weighed booting an Erdogan foe from the U.S. just to appease Turkey. Maybe in return, Erdogan can get the White House some water for their thirst.

Annie Gowen did some digging and found documents that show that Taxpayers’ cost for Trump Jr.'s business trip to India nearly $100K. Don’t miss her story in the Washington Post.

Speaking of spending, Heidi Przybyla at NBC News reveals that the U.S. Marshals Service is spending millions on Betsy DeVos' security in an unusual arrangement. "PLS TUNE IN SOON: This is way more than the $3.5 million Pruitt spent that caused an uproar," she tweeted. 

What’s happening with Assange?

First, Aruna Viswanatha and Ryan Dube reported at the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. Is Optimistic It Will Prosecute WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange.

Then, Matt Zapotosk and Devlin Barrett at the Washington Post filed news that Julian Assange had been charged, based on what prosecutors revealed in an inadvertent court filing.
Next, 🤷‍♀️.

Tolerant and reasonable

Ashley Feinberg told us in a tweet, “I wrote about Tim Miller and the ‘Pod Save America’ guys.” Her piece–What Did 'Pod Save America' Expect?–is up now on the Huffington Post. "The only conceivable reason to ally yourself with someone like Miller is to show the world how tolerant and reasonable you are,” Ryan Cooper quoted from Feinberg’s piece.

Elsewhere in Washington D.C., freshman congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly got in a closed-door fight with New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, a veteran lawmaker, over climate change, Anthony Adragna, John Bresnahan, and Zack Colman report at Politico.

And the update from Georgia is that Stacey Abrams' team is preparing to push for a new vote in the much-contested gubernatorial race, according to Bill Barrow and Kate Brumback's reporting for the AP.

A week of horrors

Two Navy SEALs & two Marine Raiders have just been charged with murder, obstruction of justice, burglary and other charges in the grisly strangulation of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in Mali last June,” Spencer Ackerman tweeted. Ackerman reported on the story alongside Kevin Maurer at the Daily Beast.

Hate-crime indictments were returned in the Kentucky grocery killings, per Dylan Lovan at the AP. Nicholas Riccardi called it an “Awful pre-election case that got lost in a week of horrors.”

ProPublica reported that Nearly All the Officers in Charge of an Indiana Police Department Have Been Disciplined — Including the Chief Who Keeps Promoting Them. That investigation, or what Charles Ornstein calls an “EXPLOSIVE new story,” is the work of Ken Armstrong and Christian Sheckler. Ornstein also tweeted, “Of the 34 police supervisors in Elkhart, Indiana: *28 have been disciplined *15 have been suspended *7 have been involved in fatal shootings *3 have been criminally convicted.”

A man shouted 'Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ and did the Nazi salute during a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” In Baltimore. Christina Tkacik, Sarah Meehan, and Lillian Reed reported on the disturbing news for the Baltimore Sun.

Stream of consciousness bloggers

Beto O'Rourke took a break from baking scones with his kids and took to Medium to write I woke up after a good night’s sleep. Evan Smith tweeted, “@BetoORourke on his run. Not *that* run.” Kevin Robillard shed some light, “This is literally a Beto O’Rourke Medium post where he describes a run from near the capitol to near the White House.” Maxwell Tani had another thought, “Beto, who named one of his kids Ulysses, is now a stream of consciousness blogger.”

Jonathan Franzen shared his 10 Rules for Novelists via LitHub. Brandon Taylor wrote, “What do we have here.” Chuck Wendig reacted with: “SURE LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT why not take these ones by one and shake 'em like a baby, see what happens.” Eric Smith had an entirely different reaction, “I legit thought this was one of those fake op-eds that The Onion publishes sometimes.”

The characters are unforgettable

Jason Cherkis wrote about The Best Way To Save People From Suicide in the Huffington Post. Caroline Hroncich called it “A truly thought-provoking piece.” Hollis Miller hailed it “a heavy but super important story for anyone looking for a good read.” And Greg Veis pointed out: “Hats all the way off to @jasoncherkis. He started this story--about the best way to save people from suicide--years ago. And it shows. The characters are unforgettable, the stakes couldn't be higher. It'll make you feel good about (some) humans for a while.”

Marguerite Holloway and Josh Haner warn in the New York Times that Your Children’s Yellowstone Will Be Radically Different. “In Yellowstone, warming has brought rapid changes,” Hannah Fairfield wrote. While Alison Young added, “Yellowstone’s habitats are transforming so quickly that many plants and animals may not be able to adapt.”

For a look at How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis, Sheera Frenkel, Nicholas Confessore, Cecilia Kang, and Matthew Rosenberg published “The result of months of reporting” with Delay, Deny and Deflect in the New York Times. “You've seen the fallout from Facebook's problems. Now here's the full story of what happened inside,” Jack Nicas encouraged.

At BuzzFeed, Katie Notopoulos and Blake Montgomery revealed the story of When A Blogger Died From Silicone Genital Injections, and His Fans Blamed His Partner. Notopoulos, no doubt in her most serious face, explained: “This man injected silicone into his genitals for years, and it made him and his partner famous on Tumblr for it. When he died, Tumblr turned on the partner, accusing him of an abusive relationship that led to his death.” Joseph Bernstein kept the tone as somber as possible: “My colleagues @katienotopoulos and @blakersdozen with an investigation into a topic that affects us all: People who blast their nutsack full of silicone in an effort to get huge balls and then die from it “

Yesterday, TMZ broke the very sad news that Kim Porter died at 47. Porter was best known as Diddy's ex-girlfriend and mother to his 4 kids. “OMG,” Candace Amos reacted.



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