Free guide: How to seamlessly integrate social media into yo

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Free guide: How to seamlessly integrate social media into your PR efforts
March 25th, 2018
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

Not that long ago, the public relations landscape looked very different.

The majority of interactions between media professionals and the public happened only during major events, and through a handful of public channels like radio, television or print newspapers.

Then social media came along and changed everything.

In Muck Rack’s How to Seamlessly Integrate Social Media Into Your PR Efforts, you’ll learn:

  • Why PR pros need to use social media.
  • Strategies for finding the right journalists on Twitter to pitch.
  • Quick tips for using social media effectively as a PR professional.

Click here to download the full guide, and check out some other popular blog posts from the past few weeks.

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Timing is everything when it comes to finding new PR opportunities, discovering potential crises and engaging with journalists through social media.

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