Great writing on a topic I wish I’d never have to read 

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Great writing on a topic I wish I’d never have to read 
January 22nd, 2018
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Don’t know, don’t care

As you may have heard, the U.S. government has shut down. Let’s get up to speed. First up, Julie Davis and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times write, A President Not Sure of What He Wants Complicates the Shutdown Impasse. Hayes Brown points out that “This is quite the quote: ‘The misconception is that the president does not know what he does not know. In my experience, the reality is that the president knows what he does not know and does not think he needs to know it.’” To which Bill Trott responds, “i did not know that.” Ya know?

Gersh Kuntzman’s take: “This @NYTimes article won’t say it, but this is why we have a #TrumpShutdown and not a Schumer Shutdown.” “Among issues at play: POTUS doesn’t get/care about policy details, likes saying he’s w you, surrounded by hardliners,” tweets Davis. That would include Stephen Miller: Immigration agitator and White House survivor, which is the latest from Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey at The Washington Post. Charles Stile calls it a “Nuanced portrait of Stephen Miller. An anti-immigration zealot under pressure from ultra-anti immigration zealots.” Parker tweets, “Trump has praised Stephen Miller for standing his ground in fights w Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — and Miller told colleagues he thought his combative CNN appearance w @jaketapper went well.”

Here’s another take. As Jim Aley tweets, “.@TimOBrien looks at Trump’s promise to run the country like he runs his business and.... Just read this. It’s brutal.” Bloomberg’s Timothy L. O'Brien writes that Trump Runs the Government Like His Business. That’s the Problem. Michael Kruse thinks “Anyone surprised by all of this just wasn’t paying attention.”

But have you considered this? “One of the first victims of the government shutdown: Capitol fashion,” tweets Byron Tau. His story with Kristina Peterson in The Wall Street JournalWorking for the Weekend, Lawmakers Dress Down.

From Lily Mihalik, a suggestion: “Need to shut out the shut down for a few? Read this via @dsamuelsohn @sfrostenson @Jeremy_CF_Lin,” in which you can See the 270 people connected to the Russia probes, based on the analysis by Darren Samuelsohn, Sarah Frostenson and Jeremy Lin of POLITICO. Nic Christensen says, “This is a cool use of data,” “in case you were interested in something more elegantly designed than a massive twitter thread…” as Talia Lavin tweets.

That pretty much answers it

At New York Magazine, Simon van Zuylen-Wood asks, Does Glenn Greenwald Know More Than Robert Mueller? Jeet Heer finds it to be a “Badly framed question. There are things Robert Mueller knows a lot about (money laundering) that Greenwald doesn't and vice versa. The two men have different expertise & responsibilities.” Thom Dunn points out, “The author literally describes stepping in poop at Glenn Greenwald's house *in the article*, and I think that pretty much answers the question in the headline.” Meanwhile, Marcy Wheeler notes, “I was interviewed at length for this Glenn Greenwald piece. I spoke abt gender. I also compared Greenwald's skepticism of the RU story w/my increasing focus on it, w/o losing focus on civil liberties. Count how many women quoted in it.”

Michael Kranish of The Washington Post gets the rare interview with Charles Kushner, Jared Kushner’s father. His thoughts on the probe into the family company? “We are not at all concerned.” Shane Goldmacher points out, “Charles Kushner calls his and Jared’s critics ‘the haters,’ which sounds a lot like Trump.”


So let’s switch gears for a moment. Because Stormy Daniels, star of the latest Trump sideshow, took her act to a strip club. It was a scene. That’s from Dan Zak of The Washington Post, and “what a lede,” says Megan Hess, of “Year two of the Trump presidency began here overnight much like year one had ended: with his alleged ex-mistress smashing people’s faces into her bare chest at a strip club between an airport and a cemetery.” Uh, “USA! USA!” offers Chris Smith.

Oh there’s more. Matt Flegenheimer covers the story for The New York Times, Now on Stage, Stormy Daniels: A Strip Club and the Presidency Meet After Dark, with another good lede: “Every sentence in the New York Times account of Stormy Daniels stripping last night is a work of art. But the lede is particularly great because the conclusion is profound: This is the real heart of Trump Country™,” tweets Matt Fuller. Natasha Ghoneim calls it “Great writing on a topic I wish I’d never have to read.” It sure is. As Daniel Libit notices, “.@nytimes does strip-club puns: ‘Ms. Clifford smiled again, beside a well-stocked jug of tips.’”

Oh boy

In a Daily Beast exclusive, Betsy Woodruff reports, Team Trump Bypassed DHS Analysts to Produce Bogus Terror Report. Kelly Cohen highlights this, with an “oh boy: ‘within DHS, the perception is that the trump administration used the Department to conflate immigrants with terrorists in support of the president’s immigration crackdown.’” “Anyone surprised?” asks Rashed Mian.

And here’s “ICE doing their best to audition for role as Brown Shirts,” as Dan Friedman puts it: Samantha Schmidt reports for The Washington Post, ICE detains a Polish doctor and green-card holder who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 40 years.

Meanwhile, Dan Diamond of POLITICO takes a look at The religious activists on the rise inside Trump’s health department. Tweets ProPublica, “Have opinions about contraception, abortion or transgender care? The HHS is making a bunch of relevant decisions in secret, per @politico.”

Elsewhere in the world

Preetika Rana, Amy Dockser Marcus and Wenxin Fan of The Wall Street Journal report that China, Unhampered by Rules, Races Ahead in Gene-Editing Trials. Tweets Heather Long, “As US government can't even operate, China makes great leaps forward in gene editing. The battle for 21st Century dominance is in biotech, not just robots.”

“The story of Gui Minhai, the Hong Kong book publisher who was jailed in China, gets worse. He was grabbed off a train while being escorted by diplomats to a medical exam for symptoms of ALS,” Austin Ramzy explains, linking to Chris Buckley’s piece in The New York Times, Chinese Police Seize Publisher From Train in Front of Diplomats.

Kareem Fahim directs you to a “great long read by @declanwalsh and Tomas Munita,” Tiny, Wealthy Qatar Goes Its Own Way, and Pays for It, by Declan Walsh of The New York Times. Meanwhile, This Country’s Democracy Has Fallen Apart — And It Played Out To Millions On Facebook. Megha Rajagopalan of BuzzFeed has the report from Cambodia.

All around great

Margaret Sullivan says, “I thought we could use a little inspiration so here's my column on @robyntomlin.” Chris Krewson adds, “(We interrupt this v important Eagles game to share the great @Sulliview's column on the great @robyntomlin. All around great.)” That’s Sullivan’s piece in The Washington Post about Robyn Tomlin, Managing Editor of The Dallas Morning News, Once a pregnant teen, an editor takes on a new challenge: Saving local news in her home town. Christine Schmidt says, “Learning (and doing) journalism under @RobynTomlin as a @dallasnews intern was almost as invigorating as this profile. Congratulations!” “Inspiring to know more about the life and career of someone who has touched the lives of so many of my ladyjourno friends - @robyntomlin. Thanks @Sulliview,” tweets Kelsey Proud.

Monday round-up:

Question of the Day

On Friday we asked: Cardi B is now the third musician to have 5 simultaneous songs on the Billboard Top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Who are the other two?

Answer: Drake and Kendrick Lamar, making Cardi B the first woman to achieve the feat, not to mention the only artist to do it with her first five chart entries.

Congrats to Dan Rosenbaum, once again first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…Panera Bread has filed a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration asking it to establish a clear “definition and standard of identity” for what food item?

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Career Updates
Updates at The Atlantic, KNBC

Natasha Bertrand, who has been a political correspondent for Business Insider, is moving to The Atlantic. She’ll be a staff writer for the magazine, covering national security and the intelligence community with a focus on developments in the Trump-Russia investigation. Prior to Business Insider, Bertrand worked at a political think tank in Madrid researching EU relations with the Middle East and North Africa. She later served as the CSR intern at the oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues in London, focusing on human rights and sustainable development.

Mekahlo Medina, who had been the interim co-anchor of KNBC’s weekend editions of “Today in LA” for the past year, has been named permanent co-anchor. He’ll also continue to anchor “TheTrend” segment, covering technology and social media, on “NBC4 Midday.” Medina joined KNBC in 2006 and previously worked as a reporter at KSTP in Minneapolis, KPNX in Phoenix and KOB in Albuquerque.

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