The grandkids in Vermont are going to be disappointed 

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The grandkids in Vermont are going to be disappointed 
December 22nd, 2017
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Crashed and burned

Defying Trump, U.N. General Assembly Condemns U.S. Decree on Jerusalem. That’s the report from Rick Gladstone and Mark Landler of The New York Times. “At this point, probably easier to take names of the friendlies,” tweets Matt Frassica. “Pillar #4 of Trump’s new National Security Strategy - Advance American Influence - just crashed and burned,” says Suzanne DiMaggio. Nicholas Kristof calls it “A major global rebuke.” “Status of Jerusalem aside, clearly in the eyes of the world Trump not much of a front man for the Netanyahu govt,” says Ken Bazinet.

From Josh Dawsey and Robert Costa of The Washington Post, Trump advisers vent frustrations about 2018 strategy as president listens. The piece also reveals that “It appears Trump may still be taking advice from Steve Bannon,” as Greg Sargent tweets. Says Evan Siegfried, “Trump absolutely is being ill-served, but this starts at the top.”

And now, “Out come the green eyeshades to flyspeck the tax bill,” tweets Michael Tackett, who links to Tax Bill Is Great for Accountants - Unless They Have Holiday Plans, by Tiffany Hsu and Julie Creswell of The New York Times. “Excellent headline,” says Margot Sanger-Katz.

Also, “headline game here is strong,” tweets Justin Pot. He’s referring to The American dream still exists—in CanadaPreeti Varathan’s piece for Quartz.

Defying gravity

Bill Fitzgerald links to Obamacare Sign-ups at High Levels Despite Trump Saying It’s ‘Imploding,’ the report from Robert Pear of The New York Times. “Guess what...people want Obamacare,” says Michael Roston.

Meanwhile, as NPR’s Kelsey Snell and Susan Davis report, McConnell Ready To ‘Move On’ From Obamacare Repeal, Others In GOP Say Not So Fast. They write, “The Kentucky Republican on Thursday broke with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on the approach to paring back spending on programs like Medicaid and food stamps.” Tweets Carolyn Lochhead, “McConnell nixes Ryan's Randian dreams.”

A Senate committee has released settlement details from cases since 1997, and MJ Lee and Sunlen Serfaty have the story for CNN. They write, “The descriptions for the complaints included discrimination based on sex, age and disability, but there was no explicit mention of sexual harassment.” The total tab for some two dozen cases amounts to $1.45 million.

In his final speech on the Senate floor, Al Franken delivered “a lengthy broadside against the policies of the Trump administration,” writes Elise Viebeck of The Washington Post, and said, ‘We’re losing the war for truth.’ Viebeck notes, “For most of the speech, there was only one Republican — Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) — in attendance.”

Media news

“Here's the sad news about an all-time great, confirmed by @Bryce_A_Miller,” tweets Jay Posner, who links to the obit from Bryce Miller at the San Diego Union-Tribune, Dick Enberg, broadcast legend, dies at 82. “One of the best ever,” says Greg Akagi. At Sports Illustrated, Stanley Kay rounds up the reactions as Sportswriters, broadcasters honor Dick Enberg.

“Who else is the hacking group Fancy Bear going after? Journalists. Lots of them. Nice @ap work,” tweets Tim Sullivan. He links to the report by AP’s Raphael Satter, Jeff Donn and Nataliya Vasilyeva, Russian hackers targeted more than 200 journalists globally. Notes Juurd Eijsvoogel, “Journalists third-largest group on hacking hit list, after diplomatic personnel and U.S. Democrats.” The investigation reveals that about 50 of the journalists worked at The New York Times.

After Reuters arrests, some Myanmar reporters fear ‘it could've been me,’ report Reuters’ Yimou Lee, Thu Thu Aung and John Chalmers.

On the brighter side, “Yay! @WCP is saved!” tweets Jessica Sidman. Mark Ein Buys Washington City Paper, reports Andrew Beaujon of The Washingtonian. As Washington City Paper itself tweets, “Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated,” linking to the note from editor Alexa Mills, Long Live City Paper. Send your story pitches to

There’s Christmas in the air

In the category Bah Humbug: ‘A Christmas Prince’ Is Royal Wedding Porn for Dummies, writes Kevin Fallon at The Daily Beast. “Even the decorations are terrible: @kpfallon demands everyone wake up to the royal awfulness of #AChristmasPrince,” tweets Tim Teeman.

And it looks like the fun and (actual) police have thwarted a potentially very merry Christmas: As reported by the Omaha World-Herald, An elderly couple found with 60 pounds of pot tell deputies it’s for Christmas gifts. As Tony Leys notes, “Some travelers like to give frankincense and myrrh for Christmas. Others prefer to give 60 pounds of another herb.” “I guess the grandkids in Vermont are going to be disappointed,” tweets Andrew Nelson.

But cheer up, courtesy of NBC 7 San Diego: These Reindeer in San Diego Couldn’t Be More Excited to See Snow.

Long weekend reading list


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