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December 14th, 2017
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

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“I'm tweeting this even though more than tweeting is needed,” tweets Stella Bugbee. Brittany Packnett of The Cut explains How To Thank Black Women For Keeping Roy Moore Out of Office. “very good and useful advice,” says Hannah Smothers.

Richard Fausset and Campbell Robertson of The New York Times take a look at Why Black Voters Backed Doug Jones: ‘It’s a Matter of Character for Us.’ Tweets Brian Lyman, “A great #ALSEN read with a wealth of info on GOTV efforts from @campbellnyt and @RichardFausset.” And “This kicker …” tweets Marc Tracy: “Those four little girls are on their feet tonight at 16th Street Baptist Church, celebrating,” he said. “They’re celebrating in spirit.”


“This is a chilling must read -” says Lachlan Cartwright, of Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too (536,000+ shares), Salma Hayek’s op-ed in The New York Times. Tweets Guadalupe Gonzalez, “If you read anything today, make it @salmahayek's op-ed #metoo.” “Jfc,” says Nicholas Riccardi.

Also, the report from Joe Coscarelli and Melena Ryzik of The New York Times is that Music Mogul Russell Simmons Has Been Accused of Rape by 3 Women. “Wrenching, horrifying accounts,” tweets Nicholas Kristof. “This piece was infuriating,” says Raquel Cepeda. “Floodgates,” tweets Stacy-Marie Ishmael, and right on cue, Daniel Miller, Amy Kaufman and Victoria Kim of The Los Angeles Times are reporting, Five more women accuse Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct.

And now, “We’ve finally reached the stage where men just start outing themselves as creeps,” as Lydia Polgreen tweets, referring to Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock admits to history of sexual misconduct, by Phil McCausland of NBC News.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Rupp points out, “It's great to talk about the high-profile harassers, but don't forget about women like Ely Dar,” the hotel housekeeper profiled in Josh Eidelson’s new piece for Bloomberg, Hotels Add ‘Panic Buttons’ to Protect Housekeepers From Guests

“As revelations of sexual harassment break, women have been discussing the fallout and how to move forward. Here, women from across the working world take on this complicated conversation,” explains The New York Times Magazine, which has compiled essays and art by Jenna Wortham, Ruth Franklin, Meghan O’Rourke, Zoë Heller and others in The Reckoning: Women and Power in the Workplace

The future of the internet

The FCC is expected to repeal its net neutrality rules today, in a sweeping act of deregulation. Brian Fung is reporting on the story for The Washington Post. He tweets, “The FCC is voting today on the future of the Internet. Here’s what you need to know to get up to speed.” And then? WIRED’s Klint Finley explains After FCC Vote, Net Neutrality Fight Moves to Courts, Congress.

Moving ahead

Tom Krattenmaker’s prediction: “Looks like most of us will be getting a lump of coal for Christmas from the GOP Congress & President.” Jim Tankersley, Thomas Kaplan and Alan Rappeport of The New York Times report that Republicans say they have a deal as the Republican Tax Bill Is in Its Final Sprint Across Finish Line. Tweets Alyson Klein, “No indication Senate will wait for @GDouglasJones to be seated before moving ahead.”  Rappeport also writes that Last-Ditch Effort to Sway Senator on Tax Bill Involves Personal Pleas.

Amanda Becker of Reuters reports, Nearly half of Americans still oppose Republican tax bill: Reuters/Ipsos poll. Robert Schmidt of Bloomberg notes that For Brokers, GOP Tax Bill Could Bring Upheaval and Job Switching. And then there’s this angle, from Jonathan Handel at The Hollywood Reporter: Study: New Tax Bill “Shafts” Working Entertainers But Stars Are Untouched

holy f**k

“This is an important read,” says Matt Ford. In an exclusive for The Washington Post, Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe and Philip Rucker go in depth to uncover How Trump’s skepticism of U.S. intelligence on Russia left an election threat unchecked. Tweets Philip Bump, “Outside of any of the looming Mueller questions, this is a remarkable assessment of Trump on Russia.” “Yeah, I think this story is gonna require multiple additions to the #ToddlerinChief thread. Also, holy f**k,” tweets Daniel Drezner. Tweets Chris Cillizza, “I know I keep tweeting this story by my god, you need to read it.” “This is absolutely chilling. A reminder our national security is being shamefully neglected,” says Tom Weber.


“hello we got the daily stormer’s 17-page style guide,” tweets HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg, who links to This Is The Daily Stormer's Playbook. “Holy shit, @ashleyfeinberg is good and this is terrifying,” tweets Ross Gianfortune. Tweets Ali Gharib, “Kudos to @ashleyfeinberg and the Huffington Post for this amazing dek”: “A leaked style guide reveals they’re Nazis about grammar (and about Jews).”

Omarosa out

So you may have heard, according to April Ryan, Omarosa was fired by Kelly, escorted out of White House, which The Hill’s John Bowden reports, while at the New York Post, Yaron Steinbuch and Ruth Brown report, Omarosa fired, ‘physically dragged’ from the White House. “Not right how much I enjoy this story,” says Andy Lassner. On Good Morning America this morning, however, Omarosa spoke about her exit and denied that she was physically removed from the complex. She did note, “I have seen things [in the White House] that have made me uncomfortable.” Becca Savransky of The Hill captures this from the segment: ABC's Robin Roberts to Omarosa: ‘Bye, Felicia.’

21st Century Mouse

Josh Noble is referring to The Walt Disney Company’s release, The Walt Disney Company To Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc., After Spinoff Of Certain Businesses, For $52.4 Billion In Stock. “It’s happening,” says Dave Itzkoff. Variety’s Henry Chu reports International Players React to Fox-Disney Deal With Envy, Fear.

Five years

It’s been five years since 20 students and six educators were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. “This is a follow of @davealtimari's really excellent investigation,” tweets Graham Kates of his CBS News report, 5 years after Sandy Hook, crucial review of police response remains unreleased. From Russell Blair and David Owens of the Hartford Courant, Newtown Pastor: The World Joins Us Five Years Later To Remember And To Pray. And in his op-ed for the Courant, Sandy Hook Grief Fuels Resolve For Change, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy writes, “Thoughts and prayers are not enough — inaction is now complicity.”

Thursday reads:

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: A New York magazine article by rock journalist Nik Cohn became the basis for what movie?

Answer: That was “Saturday Night Fever,” which was based on his (turned-out-to-be-mostly-fictional) piece, Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night.

Congrats to Deirdre Blake and Dan Rosenbaum, who pretty much tied on this one. And, as Dan, aka BrooklynDan, says, “Look at my handle and tell me if I could get this wrong.” Pashva gets the honorable mention for his response, “Saturday Night Fever, which made me never want to wear platform shoes in El Paso - although Urban Cowboy changed my life.”

Your question of the day for today is…According to James Cameron, during the Academy Awards ceremony the night “Titanic” won, he almost got into a fight and hit someone with his Oscar. Who was he arguing with?

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Featured Journalist: Kelli Finger

Today’s featured journalist is Michigan-based Kelli Finger, a senior reporter and social media assistant at Royal Central. A disability advocate and self-proclaimed sucker for Labradors, Kelli loves plus size fashion and beauty as well as writing about good people doing good things. 

Along with writing for Royal Central, she has freelanced for sites like PositiveShare, Goddfullness.comGoodfullness.net and SoShareThis.com. She’s also written for Doggiescare.com. Read more about Kelli and check out her portfolio here.

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