A script for a Marx Brothers movie 

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A script for a Marx Brothers movie 
December 4th, 2017
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As we approach the end of a tumultuous year, it’s time for PR pros to reflect back on some of the big takeaways from 2017. Over on the Muck Rack blog, PR consultant Michelle Messenger Garrett recaps 7 lessons PR pros learned in 2017.

Bizarre/merely depressing

Tweets @nytopinion, “@realDonaldTrump is currently indulging in some revisionist history. It's hitting a raw nerve, writes Billy Bush.”  Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That, Billy Bush writes in an op-ed for The New York Times, and “I AM HERE FOR THIS,” says Elizabeth Plank. Kara Swisher offers the “Short version: Trump is a liar and grabber.”

Meanwhile, as Philip Rucker reports for The Washington Post, Trump: ‘We need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama.’ “In which @realdonaldtrump explicitly embraces Humbert Humbert,” tweets Scot Lehigh. And from CNN’s Maegan Vazquez, Trump fully endorses Roy Moore. “Off and running on a Monday!” as Keith Allen tweets. “While you were sleeping is both a delightful holiday film and a nice way to update you on what Trump tweeted today,” notes Lauren Fox.

In an exclusive, Axios’s Mike Allen reports, Trump lawyer claims the “President cannot obstruct justice.” He tweets, “leading @Axios AM: what @realbobwoodward tells me about the Trump team's legal theory.”

And “JUST IN: Trump says former national security adviser Flynn lied and it destroyed his life, calls it very unfair,” tweets Reuters, linking to Trump tweets about Russia probe spark warnings from lawmakers, by Reuters’ Roberta Rampton

“Next up: Building a hydrothermal energy facility on top of Old Faithful. #conservation,” tweets Michael Balter, referring to the report from Julie Turkewitz of The New York Times, President Trump Expected to Shrink Bears Ears by as Much as 90 Percent. “Headline w/o context: bizarre. With context: merely depressing,” syas Hallie Stiller.

MBS Does Palestine

Here’s an “Unusual story about the alleged Trump peace plan roiling the Middle East,” as Blake Hounshell tweets. From Anne Barnard, David Halbfinger and Peter Baker of The New York Times, Talk of a Peace Plan That Snubs Palestinians Roils Middle East. “MBS Does Palestine,” is how Tom Rollins puts it. Tweets Aaron David Miller, “Really; my head’s exploding. This can't be the Kushner plan. This is a script for a Marx Brothers movie.”

“#meanwhile in similar risky (reported) plans,” tweets Asaf Ronel, who links to the report from Amir Tibon of Haaretz, Egypt, Jordan warn Tillerson over Trump's Jerusalem recognition plan.

Because Amazon

Very big health care business news over the weekend as CVS Is Said to Agree to Buy Aetna, Reshaping Health Care Industry. That’s the report from Michael de la Merced of The New York Times. “The good, the bad and the possibly very ugly about this deal. Shrewd, swift reporting,” tweets Jan Hoffman. Charles Ornstein calls it “The dawn of a new era in health care,” and Jina Moore sums it up: “CVS is buying Aetna... because Amazon.”

Also, “Stocks are now less volatile than bonds... that makes no sense,” tweets Noelle Acheson, who links to 98,750,067,000,000 Reasons to Be Worried About 2018, by Bloomberg Gadfly’s Mark Gilbert and Marcus Ashworth. Tweets Enda Curran, “The world's stock markets are a whisker away from $100 trillion.” “Whelp, this @ScouseView @marcusashworth column is not frightening at all, no siree,” says Sarah Halzack.

And “Today in ‘I should have made $11m and invested it in Bitcoin,’” as Richard Moynihan tweets, James Titcomb of The Telegraph explains How the Winklevoss twins used $11m Facebook payout to become world's first Bitcoin billionaires. “What’s the probability their holdings are eventually worth more than the Facebook founders’ assets? Not zero?” asks Andrew Chen. “At current growth rates, they will be richer than Zuckerberg in seven months,” tweets Nicholas Thompson.

Let’s make this happen

At Yahoo Sports, Dan Wetzel invites you to Imagine a College Football Playoff with 8 teams and everybody happy. He tweets, “The college football postseason is inefficient and too often meaningless. A solution.” Tweets Adam Thompson, “Alabama at Wisconsin in a playoff quarterfinal? So many great ideas here, I can’t even imagine…” “I'm convinced. Let's make this happen,” says Victoria Jacobsen

“In a sign of the times, @nytimes @jess7bennett launches newsletter focused on sexual misconduct and harassment,” tweets Elena Kadvany, who links to The #MeToo Moment, from Jessica Bennett, the new gender editor of The New York Times. “Our new gender editor, @jess7bennett, sounds off and it’s awesome,” tweets Shaila Dewan. “Yessssssss,” tweets Soumya Karlamangla.

Monday round-up:

Question of the Day

On Friday, we asked: This week, one rapper released a glorious Christmas song cover and admitted to tax evasion. Big week. Who was it?

Answer: That was DMX.

Congrats to Craig Pittman, first to tweet the correct answer, but many of you got it right. Y’all are making it competitive!

Your question of the day for today is…What guest star always appeared in the first episode of every season of “The Carol Burnett Show”?

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Career Updates
Moves at Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg

Emily Bary, previously a reporter for Barron’s, has moved “down the hall” to become a tech reporter for Marketwatch. She’ll be covering Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and other hardware companies.

Jen Rogers is the new senior producer for Yahoo Finance video, where she’ll help oversee editorial content of its three daily live shows and help grow live video offerings. She’s been with Yahoo for three years and will continue to anchor “The Final Round.” Prior to Yahoo, Rogers worked at Reuters and before that, CNN.

And a couple of changes have been announced at BloombergKiel Porter will be moving to the Chicago Bureau in 2018 to cover mergers & acquisitions, while Alex Barinka will be moving to the San Francisco Bureau to cover tech and mergers & acquisitions.

Don’t forget - if you change your job in journalism or move to a different news organization, be sure to email us (hello [at] muckrack [dot] com) so we can reflect your new title. News job changes only, please! Thanks!
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