The conundrum and ickiness

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The conundrum and ickiness
November 10th, 2017
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Allow me to be the latest to say holy s---

“Read the whole thing,” says Steven Ginsberg, of Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32 (198,000+ shares), by The Washington Post’s Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites. As Christopher Ingraham points out, “Post reporters just stumbled across this story while reporting on something else.” “This story was meticulously reported,” says Steven Rich. Tweets Claire Suddath. “For 'fake news,' the Washington Post sure went to a lot of effort to corroborate these women's stories.” Adds Ryan Gabrielson, “Transparency in this @washingtonpost reporting on Roy Moore is so good and so important.” By the way, as Garance Franke-Ruta notes, “NB: Anthony Weiner is in prison right now for sexting with a 15-year-old.” Tweets Erica Werner, “Allow me to be the latest to say holy s---”

From Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns at The New York Times, Republican Leaders: Alabamian Should Withdraw if Allegations Are True. “The key word here is ‘if.’ The cynic in me thinks they'll conveniently decide the allegations are untrue,” tweets Tom Krattenmaker. Adds Adam Nagourney. “Perspective on Roy Moore: Senate R leaders were OK supporting candidate who wanted to outlaw homosexuality. In 2017.” 

And so the GOP scrambles to respond to Moore allegations, write Ben Kamisar and Lisa Hagen of The Hill. Tweets Brandon Ott, “Democrats/Media are worse than Putin/Satan. Got it.” 

Mastur of Ugh

Back in Hollywood, “gonna be a really busy few months for Christopher Plummer,” tweets Matt Berman, linking to Louis CK's Movie Premiere Canceled in Advance of N.Y. Times Story, by The Hollywood Reporter’s Katherine Schaffstall. “tick tick tick,” says Silvia Killingsworth, and then: Louis C.K. Crossed a Line Into Sexual Misconduct, 5 Women Say (35,000+ shares). That’s The New York Times story by Melena Ryzik, Cara Buckley and Jodi Kantor. “Mastur of Ugh,” tweets Roben Farzad. Says James Poniewozik, “Not only great, disturbing reporting but great context on the unsettling overtones with Louis CK's work.” “I've been a die-hard Louis CK fan for years. And I literally became sick to my stomach reading this story,” tweets Jason Kersey.

At The Daily Beast, Marlow Stern writes about Louis C.K.’s Powerful Army of Celebrity Enablers. Tweets Olivia Messer, “These men were so complicit. It's more than disheartening.” But at Vulture, Matt Zoller Seitz says Louis C.K. Is Done. “The Internet is good,” says Jim Treacher.  “Maybe the best slicing through of the conundrum and ickiness that is Louis CK's artful schtick,” tweets Ty Burr

Ugh and ickiness are rampant. At Vox, Sarah Wildman writes, I was harassed at the New Republic. I spoke up. Nothing happened. “Complicity - it is everywhere,” tweets Dina Medland, who links to The Guardian story, Israeli intelligence firm apologises for working with Harvey Weinstein. “How an inappropriate remark can shatter someone's confidence: great story by @Jessicalessin,” tweets Martin Peers, who links to the piece by Jessica Lessin at The Information, Former ‘Mad Men’ Writer Starts Nonprofit After Alleged Harassment. Tweets Reed Albergotti, “Sexual harassment derailed the career of a writer for ‘Mad Men.’ With a new nonprofit, she's fighting back.”

A leading intellectual of Trumpism

Meanwhile, Steve Bannon compares Moore report to Trump Access Hollywood tape, as CBS News reports. In summary, “Blames media for women accusing Moore - and Trump,” tweets Steve Thomma. Jeremy Peters of The New York Times has your Key Takeaways From Steve Bannon’s Interview With The Times. Tweets Patrick LaForge, “A leading intellectual of Trumpism.” “#Breakdown @nytimes’ softball, polite, respectful front-page interview w cockamamie rightie #Bannon,” tweets James S. Henry. “Bannon must be desperate if he’s going down to the @nytimes offices to be interviewed,” says Anthony De Rosa. But Paul LaRosa tweets, “Steve Bannon is the #NYtimes daddy. The paper of record can’t get enough of him....and it shows.” 

Safe space

On the Trump front, “Putin, Trump talks at #APEC2017 remain the main intrigue,” tweets Ilya Arkhipov, who links to her report with Bloomberg’s Justin Sink, Trump Scraps Possible Formal Meeting With Putin. Tweets Scott Rose, “@justinsink @world_reporter Meanwhile, from the Kremlin: ‘There is no final understanding yet.’” And from Steve Holland, A. Ananthalakshmi and Nick Macfie at Reuters, “Trump and Putin shake hands at APEC summit dinner,” but White House says Trump and Putin will not have separate meeting at APEC.

“New: Trump plays a fighter on Twitter, but in TV interviews, he prefers a safe space,” tweets James Poniewozik, who links to his piece in The New York Times, President Trump Finds His TV Niche in Softball Interviews. Tweets The Times, “When it comes to TV sit-downs, Trump now prefers pillow fights.”

“You want common ground? Boom. Here. Common ground,” tweets Eitan Levine. As Yashar Ali of HuffPost reports, Trump Thinks Scientology Should Have Tax Exemption Revoked, Longtime Aide Says. Katie Zavadski warns, “watch out - the scientologists are as vindictive as the russians.”

And then there’s “The Veeps Club: Mike Pence maintaining ties with his predecessors as Trump clashes with his,” as NBC News’s Mike Memoli tweets, referring to his piece with Carol Lee, Pence creates his own vice president’s club with Biden and Cheney.

The circle tightens

“In latest burst of today's news fire hose,” as Indira Lakshmanan puts it, Mueller interviews top White House aide Stephen Miller. That’s the reporting from CNN’s Pamela Brown, Gloria Borger, Evan Perez. “Ol' Dead Eyes is back…” tweets Bill Mann, and “The circle tightens,” tweets Noga Tarnopolsky.

Also, “You really need to read this 4 or 5 times to grasp how bonkers it is,” says Lizzie O'Leary. As James V. Grimaldi, Shane Harris and Aruna Viswanatha of The Wall Street Journal report, Mueller Probes Flynn’s Role in Alleged Plan to Deliver Cleric to Turkey. Tweets Rosie Gray, “WSJ says during the transition the Flynns were in discussions to receive $15 million for delivering Gulen to Turkey.” “That moment when you’re watching the Hong Kong scene in The Dark Knight and think …. ‘I could do that,’” tweets Dashiell Bennett. Or as Julian Borger puts it, “Today in batshit crazy, Mike Flynn & Son are being investigated for plot to abduct and render Gulen to Turkey.”

There has to be a better way

“This is powerful,” says Samantha-Jo Roth. Lauren McGaughy writes in the Dallas Morning News, Dear Sutherland Springs, you deserve an apology from the news media. Tweets @dallasnews, “Sutherland Springs, you're more than a hashtag.” And Julia O'Donoghue tweets, “In total agreement with @lmcgaughy after covering the Va. Tech shooting in 2007. There has to be a better way.”

Wild, vital and in danger

Christopher Solomon tweets, “The wildest place in the US you've never heard of is open for business.” He links to his piece in The New York Times, America’s Wildest Place Is Open for Business. “Look at the photos, read the article and see if you can justify drilling for petroleum on Alaska's North Slope,” tweets Mark Johnson. “An amazing, wild, remote but vital place you’ve never heard of is in danger,” says Avie Schneider. “Cry in the Wilderness,” says Nirmal Ghosh.

Meet the parents

Need a lift after all that? Find out what happened at ‘Bring in Your Parents Day’ at the Financial Times. Elaine Moore says, “This article on FT people bringing their parents in to the office is incredibly sweet.” Tweets Naomi Rovnick, “I love this piece and it was awesome to meet all the parents.”


Or maybe this will help: “I don't know how to process this: It is news about a man in the entertainment industry that is...good,” tweets Mark Harris. Rian Johnson is creating an entirely new Star Wars trilogy, reports Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican. He writes, “If the current pattern holds, there will be another stand-alone film (like Rogue One and next year’s Solo) released in 2020, and this new trilogy could begin in 2021.”

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: Rapper Drake says he’s collecting what in the hopes of one day giving them to the woman he marries?

Answer: Hermes Birkin Bags

Congrats to…Dan Rosenbaum, once again first to tweet the correct answer. Jude Isabella wonders, “Is it a values test? Does he want her to say yes or no to wanting one?”

Your question of the day for today is…a little something to get your weekend going: What U.S. brewery just released a 28% ABV $199 beer that’s illegal in 11 states?

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Career Updates
Wall Street Journal updates

Becky Yerak, who’s been a business reporter at the Chicago Tribune for nearly 14 years, has joined The Wall Street Journal, where she’ll be part of the team covering bankruptcy court. Before the Tribune, she was a business reporter for the Detroit News, the Plain Dealer, the Palm Beach Post and Orlando Business Journal.

Meanwhile, Glenn Hall has been appointed Chief Editor for Dow Jones Newswires. He most recently served as U.S. News Editor for The Wall Street Journal and will oversee a team of reporters and editors dedicated to producing content for Dow Jones Newswires. Hall has worked at MarketWatch, TheBlaze, TheStreet, The Orange County Register and Bloomberg News, among others.

And Gretchen Morgenson, a financial journalist and 19-year veteran of The New York Times, is joining The Wall Street Journal later this month as a senior special writer on its investigative team. She previously worked for Forbes and was press secretary for Steve Forbes’ presidential run in 1996.

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