The scandal we deserveĀ 

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The scandal we deserveĀ 
November 9th, 2017
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It’s no secret that public relations can be a challenging yet rewarding profession. One of the biggest obstacles? Figuring out how to contact a journalist. Whether you’re just starting out in PR or are a seasoned veteran, finding the right reporters and effectively sharing your message with them can be tricky. So, who should you send that fabulous pitch to? Over on the Muck Rack blog, Jessica Lawlor has rounded up the five most efficient ways to contact journalists, including how to find them and what you should keep in mind when working with them on a story.

Sean Parker this morning…

Anthony De Rosa refers you to Parker’s interview with Axios’s Mike Allen, Sean Parker unloads on Facebook ‘exploiting’ human weakness. Tweets Jim VandeHei, “Wow: Sean Parker, former president of Facebook, tells @axios Mark Zuckerberg, others knowingly hooked/harmed minds.” And “For the people saying ‘but kids aren't on Facebook…’ note that Parker singles out Instagram too,” Justin Green points out.

My favorite story of the week

“Bloody hell there are some cracker stories and scoops on BuzzFeed dot com at the moment….” tweets Mark Di Stefano. BuzzFeed’s Jane Lytvynenko reports, Conspiracy Site InfoWars Has Been Copying RT Content For Years. Notes Natasha Bertrand, “InfoWars Has Republished More Than 1,000 Articles From RT Without Permission.” To which Andrew Beaujon says, “Infowars plagiarizing from RT is the scandal we deserve.” Tweets Louise Matsakis, “this is my favorite story of the week.”

And an AP Exclusive from Ryan Nakashima and Barbara Ortuta reveals Russia Twitter trolls deflected Trump bad news. They write, “AP’s analysis illuminates the obvious strategy behind the Russian cyber meddling: swiftly react, distort and distract attention from any negative Trump news.”  

The kicker to this piece

“We’ve all read our share of Trump voter stories, but man this one is among the best. And the ending. Man,” says Sopan Deb, who links to Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway, Michael Kruse’s new piece in Politico Magazine. “Go read last 3 lines. It's why they love him,” tweets Bill Harnsberger. Adds Lisa Tolin, “Read to the end - I gasped.” “Jesus Christ, the kicker to this piece,” says Andrew Zaleski. To sum up, “Some folks just want to be able to tell racist jokes in public again,” tweets Mike Wereschagin. “Put this in a psych textbook and call it your entire chapter on Cognitive Dissonance,” says Chloe Angyal.

America First???

Steven Greenhouse is referring to Trump Is Ceding Global Leadership to China, the op-ed by Antony Blinken of The New York TImes. “Yeah, so becoming less relevant globally isn't exactly making us great,” tweets Eilene Zimmerman.

Ashley Parker tweets, “Trump in Beijing: ‘I don't blame China.’ Well, then. @DavidNakamura and I with the latest from Trump's Asia trip,” linking to her piece in The Washington Post with David Nakamura, In Beijing, Trump lavishes praise on Chinese leader, touts ‘great chemistry’ between them. As Rashmee Roshan Lall tweets, “Chinese state media pleased that Trump ‘respects our head of state & has repeatedly praised President Xi in public.’” Interesting, because “Trump said China was ‘raping’ the US. Now in Beijing, it’s other presidents’ fault,” notes Dan Eggen.

Meanwhile, “China’s $250 billion check is in the mail,” tweets David Marino, who links to Trump's $250 Billion China Haul Is Big Number, Little Substance, from Bloomberg’s Nick Wadhams and Peter Martin. “When is a deal not a deal? When it’s a bunch of strategic partnerships and MOUs,” tweets Emma O’Brien. “Flattery - in this case, tweetable deliverables - works,” says Brian Martucci.

In a bit of a bind

At The New York Times, Anna Dubenko has the round-up as the Right and Left React to the Democrats’ Election Victories. In his piece for The Times, Election Rattles Congressional Republicans, and Their Agenda, While Buoying Democrats, Carl Hulse writes, “Congressional Republicans are in a bit of a bind.”

“All your smart twitter friends are flagging @JohnJHarwood interview with Gary Cohn,” says Richard Auxier, referring to Gary Cohn: Trickle-down is good for the economy, by CNBC’s John Harwood. And for good reason: “This John Hardwood interview with Gary Cohn is exemplary,” says Peter Schroeder. “Wow, @JohnJHarwood took Gary Cohn out to the woodshed in this interview on tax reform,” tweets Tim Fernholz. “How was Gary Cohn not prepared for this line of questioning?” asks Ryan McCarthy. Chris Taylor’s take: “River of bullshit.” And Jeff Spross says, “Not sure how to respond to this interview other than, ‘Wow. Gary Cohn is such a tool.’”

Meanwhile, “Breaking: #MichaelFlynn concerned about potential legal exposure of his son, also under scrutiny by #SpecialCounsel,” tweets Jim Sciutto, who links to his CNN piece with Marshall Cohen, Flynn worries about son in special counsel probe. “Not enough to get @mflynnJR to stop tweeting,” observes Brian Dabbs. Tweets Garrett Graff, “The deep legal jeopardy of Flynn's son has been obvious since early on—and will be a key point of leverage.”

The final exam for democracy

Mike Allen of Axios has your First look: Bob Woodward's class on investigative reporting. Woodward himself tweets this advice to reporters: “This is a time we're being tested. Let's not be chickenshit about this. ...This is the final exam for democracy.”

Thursday round-up:

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: When Werner Herzog ate his shoe, which chef did he have prepare it for him?

Answer: That was Chez Panisse chef Alice Waters, who boiled it with garlic, herbs and stock for 5 hours.

Congrats to...Dan Rosenbaum, who was first to tweet the correct answer but didn’t know what to do with those leftover Twitter characters. Dan Tynan filled up some space with “Wolfgang Pumps? Manolo Batali? Guy Fieri Agamo?” As did Ron Casalotti, who answered, “Giving a whole new definition to the term ‘Sole Food’, it was prepared by Alice Waters.”

Your question of the day for today is…Rapper Drake says he’s been collecting what in the hopes of one day giving them to the woman he marries?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack.

Featured Journalist: Natasha Harding


Today’s featured journalist is Natasha Harding, a book loving, yoga teaching freelance journalist based in the UK. She writes about all things books, employment and yoga for the Sun, Verve Magazine and others. Head on over here to find out more about Natasha and check out some of her work.

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