Glad this nonsense is over with 

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Glad this nonsense is over with 
November 8th, 2017
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As a PR pro, you need resources at the ready. You already know that. But let Michelle Garrett really drive the point home in her latest blog post for us.

The long-time PR consultant says, "While I’m hands-on with my clients and it may appear to be a one-woman show, I actually have a network of pros I turn to to handle the things I don’t specialize in." She'll explain: 1. Why is it important to have other pros to refer clients to? and 2. Who do you need to know when you are on your own?

Check it out here

Election Day 2017

The biggest story coming from the close of yesterday’s polls is that Danica Roem will be Virginia’s first openly transgender elected official after unseating conservative Robert G. Marshall in House race, Antonio Olivo reports at the Washington Post.

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, who Alan Greenblatt points out is “facing a 54-count indictment,” was leading the mayoral race in the Pennsylvania town, Emily Opilo reported. And yes, he won.

For the first time ever, Democrats won two seats on the Delaware County Council, Michaelle Bond reported. Alan Greenblatt explained this is “west of Philly, home to 2 US House R districts,” and that it happened “for first time. Ever.”

In Idaho, Thomson, Woodings, and Sanchez secured Boise City Council wins, Sven Berg wrote. According to Michelle Jenkins, that means “Women will make up a majority of the Boise City Council for the 1st time since 1999.”

Maine voters Approved Medicaid Expansion, and Abby Goodnough called it a Rebuke of Gov. LePage. Yamiche Alcindor added: “Another telling development.”

At Mother Jones, Tim Murphy says Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie Predicted His Own Downfall 11 Years Ago. Murphy also tweeted, “Ed Gillespie told us how it would end.”

In Seattle, the King County Proposition 1 levy passes easily, says Vianna Davila. It will benefit veterans, seniors, & the homeless.  

Also in Seattle, Jenny Durkan beat Cary Moon by more than 20 percentage points in the city’s mayoral race. Daniel Beekman adds, “The last time the city elected a woman as mayor was 1926.”

Melvin Carter Was Elected Mayor Of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Sam Radwany was on the story. Tracy Perlman added there was “No waiting 3+ days” for the results.

And speaking of St. Paul, Brandon Carter writes in The Hill that the city just elected its first African American mayor.

The news abroad

The head of Britain’s National Health Service demanded We want our Brexit cash boost, according to BBC’s Nick Triggle. Triggle added on Twitter: “The boss of @NHSEngland makes pitch ahead of budget for more money.”

Thomas Friedman at the New York Times explains that the Saudi Prince in a Hurry due to his age (81) and his Alzheimer’s. “This column by @tomfriedman helped me understand what just happened in Saudi more than anything else I’ve read,”  Rukmini Callimachi said.

Paisley Dodds at the AP reports that Dozens of men describe rape and torture by Sri Lanka’s government.

I Dined With Alwaleed in the Desert Days Before His Arrest, Erik Schatzker writes first-hand in Bloomberg.

Twitter updates

Twitter doubled their character limit to all users yesterday but Chloe Watson at The Guardian reports that users are not happy about the rollout: “All we wanted was an edit button.”

If you’d rather not have that much character freedom, you can Download Slate's 140 Chrome extension, which limits all tweets to 140 characters. “Good news, Slate saved Twitter,” Dan Kois said triumphantly.

In other Twitter news, Washington Post’s David Nakamura writes that In authoritarian China, Trump’s love of free expression on Twitter is put to the test. Nakamura teased a “Chilling quote from @ianbremmer in my curtain-raiser for Trump's trip to China.” While Anna Fifield called it, “When the Tweeter-in-Chief meets the Great Firewall.”

Media corner

In The Guardian, Brigid Delaney explains that there's a reason Joan Didion's work endures: she changed the way we wrote. Mark B. Lowe echoed the sentiment with this simple tweet: “Great writer.”

Disney ended its advance screening ban on the Los Angeles Times after it got fierce backlash from...just about everybody. Brent Hankins wrote, “Took longer than I expected, but glad this nonsense is over with.”

Let’s round this newsletter out with the trailer for The Post, a new movie from 20th Century FOX starring Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and which was directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s about The Washington Post decided to publish The Pentagon Papers during Nixon’s administration and you’re definitely going to want to see it. Kevin Fallon tweeted: “Streep! Hanks! Journalism! Honestly, we all need this movie NOW.” Brian Truitt called it, “or what happens when Oscar Frankenstein goes into the lab and creates 2017's award-season monster.”

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: What was the name of Leonard Cohen’s first band?

Answer: That would be the Buckskin Boys.

Congrats to Carrie Gray‏ for being the first to tweet in correctly.

Your question of the day for today is…When Werner Herzog ate his shoe, which chef did he have prepare it for him?

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