Yes, it is just as weird as it sounds 

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Yes, it is just as weird as it sounds 
October 11th, 2017
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Remain calm. All is well!

“Another huge VA scoop from @donovanslack,” tweets Paul Singer. He’s referring to the piece by Donovan Slack and Michael Sallah in USA Today, VA conceals health care workers' mistakes and misdeeds. Their investigation reveals, as John Kelly tweets, “VA signed secret deals that let problem medical workers resign with clean references or purged personnel files.” He adds, “After @USATODAY questions, VA said top HQ officials must now approve settlement deals for workers paid more than $5K.” Aamer Madhani calls it “Powerful journalism.”

Next, a “Slice of Capitol Hill-life story,” as Kathleen Hayden puts it. “Meet the pharmacist to power. Fantastic hidden-in-plain-sight piece by @eemershon,” tweets Jeffery DelViscio. They’re referring to Pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress, a perk for the powerful, by Erin Mershon for Stat News. Tweets Taylor Kate Brown, “A great story all around but uh, suggests at least 1 member of Congress is receiving treatment for Alzheimers.” “Remain calm. All is well!” Jacob Fischler assures us.

Slim Shading 45

Bijan Bayne is referring to Eminem’s Trump takedown at the BET Awards, which Jon Bilstein writes about in Rolling Stone here: Watch Eminem Demolish Donald Trump in BET Awards Freestyle. CNN has The full lyrics to Eminem's Trump-bashing freestyle ‘The Storm.’

Meanwhile, “Queen Betty says no to meeting Trump,” tweets Rob McDowall. He’s referring to Donald Trump has state visit to the UK downgraded ‘and will not be guest of the Queen,’ by The Independent’s Jon Sharman. Sharman notes that the downgrade comes after threats of mass protests by opponents.

“Narrator: ‘You guys, I'm so tired…’” tweets Chloe Angyal. She links to the new piece by The Washington Post’s Michael Kranish, ‘He’s better than this,’ says Thomas Barrack, Trump’s loyal whisperer, in which “Trump’s close friend and frequent advisor is disappointed in the president,” tweets Karen Heller. Says Shane Goldmacher, “One way to read this Barrack profile is an old friend trying to intervene in the way Trump understands: In the press.” Or “He was so shocked and stunned by Trump's campaign that he gave an RNC speech right out of the Manchurian Candidate,” as Rob Pegoraro tweets. Tweets Ann Kjellberg, “Trump Zelig: Barrack shows up in a lot of iffy places: Manafort, inaugural fund, Russia meeting, 666 Fifth…”

Also, “A real headline, October 2017,” tweets Caitlin Gibson: Mensa offers to host IQ test for Trump and Tillerson, Judy Kurtz reports for The Hill. “Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh..” tweets Chris Brennan.

California wildfires

‘Pure devastation’: At least 17 dead as California wildfires continue to spread, report The Washington Post’s Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Breena Kerr, Kristine Phillips and Scott Wilson. Abby Hamblin of the San Diego Union-Tribune details California wildfires by the mind-numbing numbers: 15 dead, 2,000 structures gutted

Northern Californians come to terms with wildfire devastation, report Jonathan Cooper and Ellen Knickmeyer of The Christian Science Monitor, while the Editorial Board of the Sacramento Bee writes, On fire from Disneyland to Wine Country, California must rethink disaster risk. “Nice time to repeal the Clean Power Act, Trump. CA needs to get busy. This future ain’t gonna disaster-proof itself,” tweets Shawn Hubler.

Media news

“This is cool: @nhannahjones, who writes so movingly on race at the NYT Magazine receives a MacArthur grant!” tweets John Schwartz. He links to the MacArthur Fellows Program page of Nikole Hannah-Jones. “Hell yeah,” says Ta-Nehisi Coates.

“US Sen John McCain: ‘Deeply disturbed’ by sentence against WSJ's Albayrak in TR, praises her ‘courage and skill,’” Shabtai Gold, who links to the McCain Statement on Conviction of Wall Street Journal Reporter Ayla Albayrak by Turkish Court.

“Another Trump threat that would be absolutely terrifying were it remotely credible,” tweets Matthew Yglesias, who links to his latest in Vox, Trump threatens to cancel NBC’s broadcast license over critical reporting. Noah Bierman has the story for The Los Angeles Times, President Trump threatens NBC's broadcast licenses following critical stories.

So this “Looks v sketchy,” says Marlow Stern. At The Daily Beast, Lloyd Grove explains How NBC ‘Killed’ Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Exposé. Tweets Michael Weiss, “NBC’s defense not looking so hot.”

More on Weinstein: “You really need to listen to Katherine Kendall tell her Harvey Weinstein story to @mikiebarb. What courage,” says Hanna Ingber, who links to The Daily podcast with The New York Times’s Michael Barbaro, ‘The Daily’: Harvey Weinstein’s New Accusers. Barbaro calls it “a harrowing, courageous interview with an actress who says Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her.”

At USA Today Carly Mallenbaum reports on Sexism in Hollywood: Marvel heroines share their stories at 'Thor: Ragnarok' premiere. Tweets USA Today, “The #HarveyWeinstein assault allegations have led stars to have a frank discussion about their own experiences.” And Melissa Silverstein notes, “Now red carpet conversation have moved from whose dress are you wearing to who sexually harassed you?” The latest is that Harvey Weinstein Has Been Suspended From BAFTA, as reported by Ashley Lee and Alex Ritman of The Hollywood Reporter. Silverstein asks, “Will the Academy be next?”

Business news

“Um. #Coach (the purse company) is changing its name to TAPESTRY on Oct 31. And yes, it is just as weird as it sounds,” says Baker Machado, who links to Coach Inc. Is Dead. Long Live Tapestry, by Vanessa Friedman in The New York Times. “At least Coach gets the joke,” says Carl Quintanilla, referring to the quote from chief executive Victor Luis, “‘For anyone who is aware of the album, Carole King does come up,’ Mr. Luis acknowledged, referring to the 1971 record. (He admitted that he had it at home.) ‘But we discovered most millennials had not heard of it.’” Also, “Not a carpet company, nope,” tweets Lauren Indvik.

“Read @Grepsul on how Monarch's private equity owners could make a profit on their investment despite its collapse,” tweets Kadhim Shubber, who links to Jonathan Ford’s piece in the Financial Times, Greybull eyeing profit from Monarch collapse.

And finally today, there’s this: NASA's visitor center offers a video game filled with bad facts and grammar errors, reports The Verge’s Brian Patrick Byrne.

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: What actress offered to act as “bait”—by inviting him to dinner—to help capture Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony?

Answer: That was Angelina Jolie, of course.

Congrats to Dan Rosenbaum, first to tweet the correct answer. As Maureen MacGregor notes, “AJ remains in true Lara Croft form.”

Your question of the day for today is…Domino’s Pizza was co-founded by brothers Tom and James Monaghan, who bought an existing pizzeria called DomiNick’s in 1960. Eight months into it, Tom took over control of the business because James didn’t want to quit his job as what?

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Featured Journalist: Alex Yong

Today’s featured journalist is Alex Yong, a reporter for The Observer and SmallBizTrends. Based out of Manhattan, Alex interviews leaders 1-on-1 in the style of Charlie Rose. He covers local press meets held by Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Android unveilings. (While he covers the livestreaming space, the interviews aren’t livestreamed.) Alex worked with Radio FCN at Citigroup for five years feeding CNBC and financial wires. He also teaches social media tools to solo PR professionals and is one of 14 ambassadors for Cheddar TV. Find out more about Alex and check his portfolio here.

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