It should scare everyone

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It should scare everyone
September 20th, 2017
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Disastrous earthquake in Mexico

A very strong earthquake hit Mexico Tuesday and the USGS says it was a magnitude 7.1.

It’s the second time in just two weeks the capital of Mexico City has been rattled by a quake, the New York Times added.

Rescue crews are still working to get people out of the rubble. A death toll is currently past 200 people, according to ABC News.

Health care kerfuffle

Repeal first, ask questions later, Sam Baker and Caitlin Owens wrote in Axios. “Many rank-and-file Republicans have barely reckoned with the very big things Graham-Cassidy would do intentionally,” their publication tweeted. Kia Kokalitcheva added, “This behavior is the new normal and it should scare everyone.”

An unlikely participant of the health care debate, Jimmy Kimmel got heated about the latest bill, saying Bill Cassidy “lied right to my face,” according to Emily Yahr at the Washington Post.

The AP has put together a list of winners and losers in GOP's last-ditch health overhaul. You have Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar to thank for that. “What does Graham-Cassidy actually do?” Erica Werner wondered with a link to the piece.

"I’ve covered the GOP repeal plans since day one. Graham-Cassidy is the most radical,” our most trusted health care reporter Sarah Kliff writes at Vox.

Also at Vox, Jeff Stein writes: GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does. “? NARRATOR: They couldn't,” Jeremy Keehn said. “I love when @JStein_Vox does these types of articles but the answers from GOP senators always make me cringe,” Lily Herman tweeted. “Ahh yes this clears things up nicely,” Gideon Resnick joked (tragically).

President Trump & the people who work for him

The Trump Administration Rejects a Study Showing the Positive Impact of Refugees, Julie Davis, and Somini Sengupta report for the New York Times. “The @realdonaldtrump doesn't want you to know refugees brought in $63 billion more in last decade than they cost,” Seth Davis added.

Meanwhile, he’s also Using Targeted Facebook Ads To Reassure Supporters He Will Build The Border Wall according to Craig Silverman at BuzzFeed.

Over at USA Today, they’ve put together an in-depth examination of Donald Trump's border wall. “An amazing 2,000-mile search for answers,” Susan Page said.

‘Isn’t That the Trump Lawyer?’: A Reporter’s Accidental Scoop is written by Kenneth Vogel at the New York Times and explains “How I got the Cobb-Dowd @BLTSteakDC scoop, including shooing away @nytimescolleagues who unwittingly interrupted.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price reportedly took 5 separate private jet flights for official business in one week, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars more than commercial travel. Politico’s investigation says that “breaks precedent.”

Speaking of allegedly misallocating funds, Reuters had breaking news that Trump is using campaign and RNC funds to pay the Russia probe legal bills, according to what some sources familiar with the matter told Karen Freifeld and Ginger Gibson.

According to some other “people familiar with the investigation,” Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office has interviewed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about President Donald Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey, Aruna Viswanatha, Del Wilber report at the Wall Street Journal.

Speaking of people no longer in the Trump administration, Networks have passed on Sean Spicer for an exclusive paid contributor role, NBC News’ Claire Atkinson reports. Joshua Green put it a different way: “Networks shun Spicer due to ‘a lack of credibility.’”

And onto someone who wants to be part of the administration, Trump’ nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas said in 2015 that transgender children are part of “Satan's plan” and defended “conversion therapy.” That finding from Chris Massie and Andrew Kaczynski at CNN.

Other Republican updates

To go Undercover With the Alt-Right, check out Jesse Singal’s first piece with the New York Times. “It's about a wildly successful infiltration of the extreme right,” Singal tweeted. "’The solution, ultimately, is to expel them.’ Tell me again that the ‘alt-right’ doesn't hate Jews,” Katie Zavadski tweeted. “Worth a watch,” Alexander Hotz said.

The AP’s Bill Barrow writes about Republican governors getting into the “news” business, specifically with the Free Telegraph. “Fake news?” Stephen Singer wondered.  

In other news


Yesterday, we asked: British tourist Aaron Hughes took a quick drunken side trip while visiting Las Vegas recently for a bachelor party and became what is believed to be the first person to survive what?

Answer: That would be swimming across the Hoover Dam and living to tell the tale.

Congrats to Maureen MacGregor for being the first to tweet in correctly.

Your question of the day for today is…Fitbit acquired a company called Vector Watch in which country earlier this year - one that is now being called an unlikely base for tech start-ups.

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

Featured journalist: Rocco Papa

Today’s featured journalist is Rocco Papa, a freelance writer, independent thinker, and HuffPost Blog contributor.

Papa is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University where he majored in Media, Communications, and Technology.

Besides HuffPost, his work has appeared in Rant, Inc. and the Pocono Record. Read more about Papa’s work right here.

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