Bob Mueller is playing hardball 

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Bob Mueller is playing hardball 
September 19th, 2017
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Holy shhhh...mokes!

As Micah Grimes tweets, there are “2 significant new reports on Manafort and the Russia investigation from CNN and NYT.” First up, “.@nytimes at scoop o’clock: Mueller’s prosecutors told Manafort they plan to indict him,” tweets Evan Smith, who links to With a Picked Lock and a Threatened Indictment, Mueller’s Inquiry Sets a Tone, by The New York Times’ Sharon LaFraniere, Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman. “Bob Mueller is playing hardball,” tweets Steven Shepard. Also, as Mark Berman tweets, “Mueller learns important information from reading the @nytimes, reports the @nytimes.”

Next, “Lordy — there are tapes,” tweets John Abell. He’s referring to the exclusive from CNN’s Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz and Pamela Brown, US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman. “Holy shhhh...mokes!” says Lewis Kamb.

And then we learned from Nicholas Fandos and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times, Donald Trump Jr. Gives Up Secret Service Protection, Seeking Privacy. Notes Dan Beard, “Now not receiving Secret Service protection: Donald Trump Jr., Kellyanne Conway.” “Lol,” says Seth Simons

Hurricane Maria slams Dominica

“‘Widespread devastation’ reported on Dominica after Hurricane Maria hits with winds near 160 m.p.h.,” tweets @nytimesworld. Austin Ramzy has the report for The New York Times, Hurricane Maria Does ‘Mind Boggling’ Damage to Dominica. He tweets, “Dominica’s prime minister had to be rescued as Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean island nation.” Tweets Dennis Overbye, “beautiful friendly island of volcanoes and reefs where I got my scuba certificate is in ruins.” CNN’s Euan McKirdy and Holly Yan are reporting Hurricane Maria cripples Dominica as it churns toward Puerto Rico.

Everything is so shameless

“The @realdonaldtrump doesn't want you to know refugees brought in $63 billion more in last decade than they cost,” tweets Seth Davis, who links to Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees, by Julie Davis and Somini Sengupta of The New York Times. “Everything is so shameless,” says Astead Herndon.

Thomas Ricks tweets, “Buried news story of the day: Female vets are killing themselves at 250% the rate of non-veteran civilian females.” He links to his piece in Foreign Policy, Veterans Administration throws suicide stats out the back door on Friday at 5 p.m.

“I've never liked college students, even when I was one. #FreeSpeech,” tweets Dennis Mitzner. He’s reacting to the report from Catherine Rampell at The Washington Post, A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech. She tweets, “1/5 of undergrads say it’s acceptable to use violence to silence speaker who makes ‘offensive & hurtful statements.’” Tweets Skip Foster, “Dangerous. Very dangerous. Threats to free speech come from both the left and the right.”

Talk about Fake News

Republican governors get into the ‘news’ business, writes AP’s Bill Barrow. “Talk about Fake News: The Republican Governor's Association has started a ‘news outlet’ @BillBarrowAP reports,” tweets Nicholas Riccardi. Julie Pace adds, “RGA quietly launched online publication that looks like a news site. And only added a disclosure after @AP inquiry.”

Speaking of fake news and/or shameless, Sean Spicer Says He Regrets Berating Reporters Over Inauguration Crowds, report The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush and Dave Itzkoff, while the Times’ Frank Bruni writes of The Shameful Embrace of Sean Spicer at the Emmys

Real media news

“Read our account of reporter @Mike_Faulk's arrest, and larger question of police tactics, here,” tweets Christopher Ave, who links to As arrests are made, protesters question the tactics used by St. Louis police, by Doug Moore of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Tweets Matt Pearce, “St. Louis police are using kettling tactics. Post-Dispatch reporter said he was pepper-sprayed after he was subdued.”

“Conservative pundit Scottie Nell Hughes alleges she was raped by Fox's Charles Payne, blacklisted for reporting it,” tweets Daniel Dale, who links to Emily Steel’s piece in The New York Times, Fox News Contributor Says Rape Allegation Blacklisted Her.

On a brighter note, Poynter’s Kristen Hare has the story on a new project that was announced at the Google News Lab Summit, Report for America aims to get 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms in next 5 years. RFA “takes ideas from several existing organizations, including the Peace Corps, Americorps, Teach for America and public media,” she writes. “Journo Corps?” tweets Daniel Rubin. “Rooting for this initiative,” says Michael Luo

And here’s “What we've learned about doing video and reporting, together,” tweets Stephanie McNeal, who links to Help, Did We Pivot To Video? by BuzzFeed’s Shani Hilton. (FYI, “The answer to all question headlines is ‘no,’” notes Hilton.)

 “Did you read ‘How to Get Away With Murder in Small-Town India’? The UP police did. And there's been an arrest,” tweets Ellen Barry, who links to her story with Suhasini Raj in The New York Times, Indian Police File Murder Charge After Times Describes Cover-Up.

Tell me what you knew and when

“Oh, about those Equifax stock trades? Tell me again what you knew and when,” tweets David Welch, who links to Equifax Stock Sales Are the Focus of U.S. Criminal Probe, by Bloomberg’s Tom Schoenberg and Anders Melin. Robert Friedman tweets, “BREAKING: Bloomberg’s @MelinAnders broke story about Equifax stock sales earlier this month. Now this.”

Also: “SCOOP! Equifax learned about a major hack in March, months earlier than disclosed,” tweets Mike Dorning, referring to the report from Bloomberg’s Michael A. Riley, Anita Sharpe and Jordan Robertson, Equifax Suffered a Hack Earlier Than the Date Disclosed.

Meanwhile, “this guy thought he had insider traded, but forgot that he had in fact not insider traded,” tweets Matthew Levine. He’s referring to Ex-SAC trader says he forgot facts, seeks to void insider trading plea, by Jonathan Stempel of Reuters.

And here’s some news on “Giraffes and sh*t,” as Cody Lyon tweets. Toys ‘R’ Us, Once a Category Killer, Is Forced Into Bankruptcy, reports The Wall Street Jounal’s Lillian Rizzo. Dawn McCarty has the story for Bloomberg, Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Bankruptcy, Crushed by Online Competition. “goodbye, childhood,” says Saumya Vaishampayan.

“This is most spot on analysis about what's wrong with the NFL today — its economic model,” tweets Ryan Van Bibber, who links to Spencer Hall’s piece in SB Nation, NFL ratings are down because teams have no incentive to be good. “Yes, correct, this all of this,” says Travis Waldron.

It could be go-go for BoJo

“Boris ups the stakes,” says Andrew Whitehead referring to the scoop from The Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner, Boris Johnson 'will resign before weekend' if Theresa May goes against his Brexit demands. Tweets Raynor, “Boris tells reporters he won't resign - but privately he says he ‘can't live with’ a Swiss-style Brexit.” In other words, “If Theresa May says no-no it's go-go for BoJo,” tweets Jane Merrick.

Tweets Gerry Doyle, “this is what government-sponsored ethnic cleansing looks like from space. Horrific.” From Sergio Peçanha and Jeremy White of The New York Times, Satellite Images Show More Than 200 Villages Burned in Crackdown on Rohingya in Myanmar. @nytimesworld tweets, “The United Nations has called it ‘a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.’ This is what it looks like from space.”

RIP to a man who might have saved the world

“Lots of folks want to save the world. Stanslav Petrov actually did,” tweets Matt Ford, who links to Stanislav Petrov, Soviet Officer Who Helped Avert Nuclear War, Is Dead at 77, by Sewell Chan of The New York Times. “Each of us owes him our deepest gratitude,” tweets Jill Dougherty. “Rest in peace to a man who might have saved the world,” says Bruce Arthur.

So sharp it hurts

Finally, today, take Sydney Ember’s advice, “I promise you no matter what you won't regret reading this lovely piece, by @Choire.” She links to Choire Sicha’s New York Times piece, Donald Glover, the Only Dressed Man in Hollywood. “Now this is how you write about clothing,” says Ellie Krupnick. It’s “so sharp it hurts,” Kyle Chayka tweets. “Choire is a human exclamation point and I love it,” says Silvia Killingsworth. “C H O I love you R E,” tweets Alana Levinson.

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Who is the only actor to be nominated for an Emmy for playing the same role on three different TV shows?

Answer: That’s Kelsey Grammer, who was nominated for playing Frasier Crane on “Wings,” “Cheers” and “Frasier.”

Congrats to…David Daniel, first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…British tourist Aaron Hughes took a quick drunken side trip while visiting Las Vegas recently for a bachelor party and became what is believed to be the first person to survive what?

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Career Updates
New roles for Borchardt, Kuhns, Hansen

Debra Borchardt is the CEO and editor-in-chief of the new website she co-founded, The Green Market Report, which will cover the cannabis industry. She has previously written for, Women’s Wear Daily and Forbes, where she wrote about the cannabis business.

Mike Kuhns is the new executive editor of the Pocono Record. He joined the paper in 1999 and had been its sports editor since 2001. He’d been serving as the interim executive editor for the past four months.

And Haley Hansen, who has interned for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Wisconsin State-Journal, has joined the Lansing (Michigan) State Journal as a business reporter. She’s the former managing editor of the Minnesota Daily, the University of Minnesota’s award-winning student newspaper.

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