A dumpster fire ruining people’s lives 

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A dumpster fire ruining people’s lives 
September 15th, 2017
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Another attack in London

A reported explosion in London’s underground this morning closed the District line there, according to Matthew Weaver at The Guardian. “Multiple injuries reported after London tube 'explosion' at Parsons Green,” Claire Phipps added.

The latest from the AP was reports of burns among passengers on the Tube train.

At least 22 people were injured, according to Fox News. No deaths have been confirmed so far. 

More baffling by the day

North Korea “fires missile from Pyongyang,” BBC reported last night. Japan warned its residents to take shelter.

In the aftermath of the missile launch, Raul Castro gave his personal assurance that Cuba is not involved in the sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats. The AP tweeted: “Alarmed by mysterious attacks on diplomats, usually hostile Cuba offered to let the FBI investigate.” “This story grows more baffling by the day,” Stephanie Kotuby wrote. Josh Lederman, Michael Weissenstein, Rob Gillies reported on the story for the AP.

Government miserliness

Carol Marbin, Carol Miller at the Miami Herald did some research and found that after Hurricane Wilma, bills were pushed to ensure nursing homes had emergency AC. That sounds like a great idea, except opponents killed those bills. Tim Annett tweeted: “@MarbinMiller tells how industry foes, government miserliness killed bill to ensure A/c for vulnerable storm victims.” David Neal added, “After Wilma, generators were required for service plazas & various buildings. But not nursing homes.”

‘Stop assaulting reporters’

“...Stop making excuses for assaulting reporters,” Matt Pearce tweeted in reaction to news that a UT Austin journalist was assaulted while covering a protest against a bill banning sanctuary cities at the university. That story from Emily Goodell and Samuel Breslow at the Student Press Law Center.

More on immigration: Alex Horton reports in the Washington Post that the U.S. Army killed contracts for hundreds of immigrant recruits. And now, some face deportation. Horton tweeted this quote from this story: "It’s a dumpster fire ruining people’s lives."

Cool cool cool cool

Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush at the New York Times ask: Why Did Trump Work Again With Democrats? Answer: ‘He likes us,’ Senator Chuck Schumer says. “Trump, who has no chemistry w Mitch and likes Chuck, is happy making a deal,” Haberman added on Twitter.

Politico also takes what Josh Dawsey calls “a colorful look” Inside Trump's dalliance with Democrats. “Discussing a bipartisan Obamacare fix with lawmakers, President Trump asks: ‘Can I call it ‘repeal and replace?’” Sudeep Reddy tweeted.

In other Trump news, the leader of the free world Resurrected His Claim That Both Sides Share Blame in the Charlottesville Violence on Thursday. That from Mark Landler at the New York Times. “Cool cool cool cool,” Lizzy Duffy said. “SWELL,” Kimberly Winston added. Chris Zappone had another idea: “A nod to base after nice talk with Dems.”

And he also humiliated Jeff Sessions after the Mueller appointment, Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman write at the New York Times. Haberman called her story: “A detailed look into what went down btwn Trump and Sessions over last few months. Trump called Sessions ‘disloyal.’” Amy Fiscus explained: “Trump berated Sessions after Mueller appointment; Sessions called it most humiliating experience of his career.” “Trump told Sessions to resign after Mueller appointment,” Justin Miller.

Polluting outer space

This is a sad time

Financial Times reporter Paul McClean died in Sri Lanka, the publication said. “He was one hell of a reporter if he was on your case,” the piece says. “The desk to my left is empty. This is a sad time. My heart goes to the friends and family of the charming @PSMcClean,” Katie Martin tweeted. Tony Tassell added, “We are mourning the loss of Paul. Such a bright talent, decent man. I feel for his family who know special he was.”

And The Atlantic has a beautiful tribute to David Carr, Journalism's Super-Mentor, written by Mikaela Lefrak. “Read this. Make sure you have Kleenex nearby, but read this,” Megan Garber insisted.

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s biggest airport, but another airport will the title in 2019. What is it?

Answer: It’s the Beijing New Airport and you can read all about its massive splendor here.

Congrats to David Daniel‏ for being the first (and only reader) to tweet in correctly.

Your question of the day for today is…Of all the cameos Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva” had in its 6-season run, which sports star appeared as a custody lawyer in 2012?

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Featured journalist: Natasha Mekhail

Today’s featured journalist is Natasha Mekhail, a luxury travel & lifestyle writer based in Montreal. Mekhail previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of Fairmont Magazine, Mercedes-Benz magazine, VistaJet Voyageur, and 1879 Maison Birks.

Mekhail is personally interested in writing about niche perfumes and the people who create them and has even received a few awards for her craft. In 2017, she won Best Custom Publication for Fairmont Magazine from the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors. Read more about Mekhail’s work right here.

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