I need a stiff drink

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I need a stiff drink
August 25th, 2017
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

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Let’s start with the hurricane

Overnight, Hurricane Harvey was updated to a Category 2 situation, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Just before publishing this newsletter, it was updated to a Category 3 storm, according to the AP.

There are live updates on Hurricane Harvey from the New York Times’ Alan Blinder. The storm is  lurking in the Gulf and taking aim at Texas, they say. “Good morning from Texas. We have a team of correspondents covering Hurricane Harvey and posting live updates here,” he wrote on Twitter.

Some insight into Trump World

For our first piece of insight into Trump World, Katie Rogers takes us to The Trump Hotel at Night–which apparently includes lobbyists, cabinet members, and $60 –in the New York Times. Michael Tackett liked this line from the piece: "It was nearing midnight at the Trump International Hotel, and the president’s son was eating macaroni and cheese."

"If it's good enough, Don Jr. will give it to him,” Ben Smith tweeted. Vera Maria Bergengruen added, “Pro-Trump media personalities & websites worry they may be losing their most high-profile reader.” They’re both talking about this piece in BuzzFeed: Pro-Trump Media Bristles As John Kelly Limits What Gets To The President's Desk.

Trump adviser Gary Cohn Felt Pressure to Resign After Charlottesville, Eileen Sullivan and Maggie Haberman reported in the New York Times. “Gary Cohn came close to resigning, ‘met with Mr. Trump privately at the president’s golf club in NJ last Friday,’” Jeffrey Cane tweeted. Michael Tackett included this Cohn tweet from the article: “But I also feel compelled to voice my distress over the events of the last two weeks.”

Cohn also says Trump “must do better” to denounce white nationalism, according to Damian Paletta and Philip Rucker at the Washington Post. “Top WH adviser criticizes Trump on Charlottesville in extraordinary interview,” Dan Eggen tweeted. “No other aides have gone this far,” Paletta added.

The President might also be seriously considering ending DACA, Jonathan Swan and Shane Savitsky write in Axios.

If you’re wondering what Steve Mnuchin was doing this week, turn to Drew Harwell and Beth Reinhard’ reporting in the Washington Post, where they uncover the Treasury Secretary viewed the eclipse from the roof of Fort Knox. “On day of Mnuchin wife's shopping spree, McConnell posted pic of him and Treasury Sec just outside path of totality,” Beth Reinhard explained.

The President and the CIA

Also from BuzzFeed and again about Trump, Some In Congress Don't Get The "Gravity" Of Russian Election Meddling, Former CIA Director Said. That piece from Jason Leopold. "’Gravity’ of Russian election meddling lost on some in Congress, Former CIA director told his agency,’ Mark Schoofs tweeted. Miriam Elder added, “Brennan sent internal CIA memo in December saying some in Congress didn’t get gravity of Russian election meddling.”

Greg Miller at the Washington Post writes that there’s a watchful eye on Mike Pompeo at the CIA since he’s “the president’s ardent ally.”

Speaking of the CIA, MuckRock’s Emma Best and JPat Brown have internal memos that show the CIA Inspector General portrayed the media as the Agency's "principal villains." Edward Snowden tweeted: “Classified memos show the CIA has sought to influence the US media and how journalism is taught since at least 1984.”

Nicholas Kristof replied in the New York Times with We’re Journalists, Mr. Trump, Not the Enemy. “If only President Trump denounced neo-Nazis as passionately and sincerely as he castigates journalists…” Stephen Vargha tweeted.

Planning for 2020

Isaac Chotiner debates with Mark Lilla on whether "identity politics" are destroying the Democratic Party “and whether racism helped Republicans.” “Sweet Jesus, @IChotiner, it's before 10 and I need a stiff drink,” Rebecca Traister tweeted. “Imagine knowing absolutely nothing about this country's history and feeling entitled to pontificate about it,” Jamelle Bouie wrote. Jamil Smith added, “If Democrats listen to Mark Lilla’s very wrong ideas about identity politics, they will lose a lot of elections.”

Let’s follow that up with some 2020 rumblings from Mike Allen and Steve LeVine at Axios. Or as Jim VandeHei puts it: “Details of possible Kasich, Hickenlooper independent run in 2020.”

‘Some’ people

“Yellen says ‘some’ people may be forgetting pain of the financial crisis -- and the need for stronger regulation,” Binyamin Appelbaum tweeted. He’s talking about Janet Yellen’s speech on financial stability a decade after the onset of the crisis from the Federal Reserve.

For an analysis on her write-up, read Damian Paletta in the Washington Post: Yellen rejects Trump approach, says post-crisis banking rules make economy safer.

Problems in America

So there’s a far-right activists rally planned in San Francisco this Saturday and protesters have already made their mark. In an article brilliantly titled Turd Reich, Julia Wong writes in The Guardian that San Francisco dog owners have laid a minefield of poo ahead of the rightwing rally. “This ought to be interesting,” Marcus Yam said. While Selena Larson saw it another way: “This seems like the poop might impact folks who just want to hang out in the area and aren't associated w the event.”

In Chicago, cops get more Tasers, but red flags remain, Dan Hinkel and Jennifer Richards write in the Chicago Tribune. “It's worrying…” Nina Metz tweeted, adding, “There's no policy that bans CPD from ‘shocking people who simply flee and pose no serious threat.’” Jeff Coen called the piece: “A thorough investigation of CPD Taser use by @dhinkel and @jsmithrichards [that] raises serious questions.”

Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago, Even With Affirmative Action, the New York Times’ Jeremy Ashkenas, Haeyoun Park, and Adam Pearce found out.

A few other things

Alexis Okeowo writes a beautiful tribute to My Friend Kim Wall in the New Yorker. “She was at the mercy of her interview subject’s decency—a risk familiar to nearly every independent female reporter,” Chau Tu wrote.

Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong was convicted of bribery in South Korea, according to Geoffrey Fowler, Christopher Mims, Joanna Stern, and Li Yuan at the Wall Street Journal.

Taylor Swift released a lyric video for her newest single “Look What You Made Me Do.” People have a lot of feelings about it. Ken Wheaton shared the video saying, “For any other olds still up and wondering what all this Taylor Swift talk is about.” Elisabeth Oberndorfer tweeted this lyric from the story: “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now ?❤️”

And for a long read to take you into the weekend, here’s Sixteen Years Ago He Was Granted A New Hearing. He Is Still Waiting For It from BuzzFeed. It’s a “BIG new @melissadsegura story” as Alex Campbell shouted it out on Twitter.  

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: What book inspired the title for the sitcom “Will & Grace”?

Answer: That would be "I and Thou" by Martin Buber.

Congrats to David Daniel for being the first to tweet in correctly. He also called the answer, “the most unlikely connection EVER.”

Your question of the day for today is…In response to Taylor Swift’s new single, one celebrity reportedly blocked the snake emoji from appearing on her Instagram comment feed. Who is it?

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