The wife who wasn't really dead

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The wife who wasn't really dead
February 5th, 2016
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At the top of the rundown


"This story, courtesy of 'three unusually principled hit men' and a wife who wasn't really dead," tweets Wall Street Journal's Rob Barry, sharing the most insane headline of the week: "Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid have her killed" (nearing 5,000 shares already and absolutely certain to climb). "This woman got to do the best 'Surprise, motherf**ker' of all time," points out Spencer Hall at Nick Andersen with NPR and WBUR Boston chimes in, "what a time to be (surprisingly) alive," while Sam Bungey concludes, "Revenanting is so hot right now." "If you can get past the part about the husband trying to have his wife killed, you'll get a chuckle," suggests Dana Fowle at Fox 5 Atlanta. Uri Friedman at The Atlantic similarly calls it "A happyish ending" while Tim Graham at Buffalo News wonders, "Wasn't this a Family Guy episode?" But the most accurate assessment was that from WaPo's Dan Zak: "This story is going to get so many clicks that @sarahkaplan48 might as well take the rest of the month/year off."


In other surprises, U.S. president Barack Obama is expected to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax. "Well, no one ever said that @potus wasn't interesting/provocative," shrugs Om Malik of GigaOM. Meanwhile, the NYPD is kicking people out of their homes, even if they haven’t committed a crime. "Shocking to read this day after de Blasio's #OurCity address in which he emphasized affordable housing and policing," observes ProPublica's Cezary Podkul. Speaking of which, breaking news tells us 2 New York police officers have been shot, although reports indicate the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. NYT's Alan Feuer dubs it the "Dark flipside of the Akai Gurley case." And in politics, polls show Donald Trump holding a substantial lead in New Hampshire, while Marco Rubio squarely sits in second. Mark Reardon at KMOX St. Louis pleads, "Dear @Jeb: Euthanize your campaign dude...seriously."

Of mice and media


Today's top media story is this Washington Post look Inside Peyton Manning’s secret investigation into that Al Jazeera documentary. "Peyton Manning HGH story is definitely not going away now," realizes Re/code's Peter Kafka. Up next, Sheldon Adelson continues to tighten his grip on his new purchase, the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Sheldon Adelson has already turned the Review-Journal into his own personal Pravda," decries Slate's Jacob Weisberg. Simultaneously, the New York Times eyes an ambitious overhaul In their never-ending quest for "journalistic dominance" -- actual quote that makes the Grey Lady sound like a ruthless gladiator. Matt Pearce at the LA Times dubs it "N E W S C H A O S."


The Columbia Journalism Review follows how the media is riding Marcomentum into New Hampshire. AP's Stephen Ohlemacher calls it "A smart look at how political campaigns -- and the media -- create the perception of momentum." For once taking on a worthy target, The Daily Mail goes after the pick-up artist at center of international "pro-rape" storm. "Stunned* to learn Mr Pro Rape lives in his mother's basement," reacts BuzzFeed UK's Alan White before adding the asterisk "*not stunned." Paul Cheston departs The Evening Standard after the "absolute pleasure" of being a courts correspondent for 23 years. And because you're probably dying to know, here's what it’s like to be a reporter covering Trump. Wait, correction--what it's like to be a female reporter covering Trump, which somehow manages to prove even worse. "C'mon, this is Trump's way of making friends," jokes Politico's Jack Shafer.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: More than a decade after Michael Jordan retired from playing basketball, what picture of him is still superimposed on pictures of sports figures who've just lost a game? That would be crying Jordan. And incidentally, the photog whose picture inspired the meme was, until recently, totally unaware his work went viral.

Congratulations to Carrie Gray with Columbia Business School for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to these beautiful people for also getting it right: David DanielMarty RayCraig PittmanKen Walker (who shares this pic), DreaWesley Schmidt (who answers by sharing the entire fan page devoted to the meme), and Daniella (who predicts "Soon to be superimposed over Jeb!'s face?"). Shout out to Becky Yerak for guessing "is it the Michael Jordan photo of him taking a game-winning shot against my hometown Cleveland Cavaliers?" We're imagining it was the Cavs crying in that scenario, unfortunately.

As for today's question, here it is: Fury has "erupted" in France over a change in what aspect of their curriculum?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Friday


Today's top career news: 

  • Vann R. Newkirk II (at right) soon boards The Atlantic to write on politics and policy. Read all about it here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the industry:

  • Huffington Post's Jaweed Kaleem has gone freelance. Previously HuffPo's senior religion reporter, Kaleem will continue to cover religion, politics, culture and social issues as an independent journalist.
  • Laura Wainman will soon be managing editor at DC Refined. Wainman is wrapping up as managing editor at Washington Life Magazine.
  • Judah Robinson joins NowThis News as an editorial fellow, then an editorial producer in May 2016. Robinson joins from the Huffington Post, where he was a media fellow.
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