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The greatest edition ever 
August 7th, 2017
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Despite what you may have heard from the president, The New York Times isn’t actually #failing. In fact, as John Egan points out, it’s thriving — thanks in great part to the president himself. In a new post on the Muck Rack blog, Egan points out that the surge in hard-hitting journalism from The Times, in addition to outlets like The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News and POLITICO, bodes well for digital media. And the constant stream of scoops lifting spirits as well as revenues. Read the post, Memo to President Trump: The New York Times is alive and well.

Meet karma, bro

“Wait, so do we get that new Wu Tang album or what?” tweets Andrew Sorcini. We’re starting the week off with the big story that closed out last week: 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli convicted in federal fraud case, found guilty of 3 counts (50,000+ shares), as reported by CNBC’s Dan Mangan. Tweets Meg Tirrell, “Must read: @_DanMangan's account of #ShkreliTrial verdict today.” “It is for moments like these that the Germans came up with schadenfreude,” says John OrtvedStephanie Clifford and Colin Moynihan have the report for The New York Times, Martin Shkreli Is Found Guilty of Fraud (249,000+ shares). “From smug shot to mug shot,” tweets John Gushue. “PharmaBro, meet karma, bro,” says Michael Huber

Back in DC, The Washington Post’s Kelsey Snell and John Wagner report, Rosenstein: Special counsel Mueller can investigate any crimes he uncovers in Russia probe. Also, “Trump may have angered wrong GOP senator,” tweets Mike Dorning, who links to ‘Good Conservative’ Grassley Ramps Up His Panel’s Trump-Russia Probe, from Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis. “This @ChuckGrassley quote in @StevenTDennis story: ‘This is what Chuck Grassley does,’” tweets Scott Lanman. Tweets Haley Byrd, “Good Grassley insight from @StevenTDennis.”

So here’s “A short history of lying in politics, brazen and contrite, by @SherylNYT,” tweets Jess Bidgood. She links to Many Politicians Lie. But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg of The New York Times. Tweets Adam Goldman, “Eisenhower lied reluctantly once. It was one of the deepest regrets of his presidency.” “Great @SherylNYT analysis on Trump's lying in, to be precise, about 69% of public statements checked by @PolitiFact,” tweets Elizabeth Williamson.

Shadowy men on a shadowy planet

“Trump is shifting policy writing to groups stacked w/ business execs operating outside public view,” tweets Vera Maria Bergengruen, who links to new reporting by Anita Kumar from McClatchy’s DC bureau, President Donald Trump often uses secret advisory groups to develop policy. Meanwhile, Diplomats Question Tactics of Tillerson, the Executive Turned Secretary of State, Gardiner Harris writes for The New York Times. The Times tweets, “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has failed to nominate anyone to most of the department’s 38 highest-ranking jobs.” Tweets Dan Beucke, “The ‘Washington was broken when we got here’ card covers a lot of ground, but comes with an expiration date.” And Glenn Kessler notes, “I covered the State Dept for 9+ years. Amid foreign crises, rather ambitious to try to micromanage 60,000 employees.”

At Stat News, Lev Facher has the scoop on How Obama's science experts are still operating in the shadows. Tweets Facher, “Obama's science policy staff has largely gone unreplaced. Many who left haven't really stopped doing their old jobs.” In other shadow news, Republican Shadow Campaign for 2020 Takes Shape as Trump Doubts Grow, write The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns

Even Peter Thiel Has Been Hedging His Bet On Donald Trump, as BuzzFeed’s Ryan Mac reports. Mac tweets, “I took a look at Peter Thiel's last 15 months where he has been secretly walking back his support of Donald Trump.”

Rallying the base

But “Don't assume DJT's presidency is paralyzed,” says Jon Talton. In their new piece for The New York Times, Under Trump, Coal Mining Gets New Life on U.S. Lands (25,000 shares), Eric Lipton and Barry Meier write, “A business-friendly secretary of the interior has moved to invigorate a struggling industry, reversing Obama-era restrictions to help create ‘wealth and jobs.’” Rachel Leven has the TL;DR: “Enviros: Coal co's distorting science like tobacco did Industry: Coal's subject to lib. conspiracy like tobacco was.”

Also, checking in from “Trump's working vacation: a Monday Twitter burst,” tweets Michael Tackett, linking to the piece from Peter Baker at The New York Times, Trump Breaks From Vacation to Tweet Outrage at Media and Rally His Base.

And still, These Americans beat Donald Trump and saved Obamacare. They say they can do it againDaniel Dale writes in The Toronto Star. Tweets Dale, “Regular people somehow helped save Obamacare. My story on how they did it.” And as the Trump administration plans to end an Obama-era rule allowing nursing home residents to sue for mistreatment, the Fight over right to sue nursing homes heats up, writes The Hill’s Lydia Wheeler. “First the travel ban, now this: why does Trump hate grandmas so much?” Gabriel Snyder wonders.


Elsewhere, “ISIS’s territorial grip is fading fast, but its legacy of looting will linger for years,” tweets Benoit Faucon, who links to his piece in The Wall Street Journal with Georgi Kantchev and Alistair MacDonald, The Men Who Trade ISIS Loot. Tweets Kantchev, “EXCLUSIVE: Meet the middlemen who buy and sell antiquities looted by ISIS from Syria and Iraq.” Meanwhile, as BuzzFeed’s Borzou Daragahi reports from Raqqa, The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know.

In the Gaza strip, Trapped between Israel and Hamas, Gaza’s wasted generation is going nowhere, report William Booth and Hazem Balousha for The Washington Post. Tweets Booth, ”What's it feel like to be young & do nothing all day? Youth unemployment at 60% in Gaza, a stunning number.” “stunning read,” says Orla Guerin. “Devastating look at the hopelessness and waste of life in #Gaza,” tweets Richard Colebourn.

Hoo boy

Gizmodo’s Kate Conger has the Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google (41,000+ shares). Tweets Laurie Ruettimann, “I just sat down and read this awful screed. TL;DR Women get their periods, men are more logical.” Mike Isaac says, “50 bucks says this guys twitter bio includes the word ‘contrarian.’” At The Atlantic, Ian Bogost writes, A Googler's Anti-Diversity Screed Reveals Tech's Rotten Core. Tweets Ross Andersen, “Hoo boy @ibogost goes *in* on that Googler’s anti-diversity screed.” And now, an ex-Googler weighs in: So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium.

Finally, a relatable food diary

Cara Giaimo refers you to Author Alissa Nutting’s Grub Street Diet, by Grub Street’s Sierra Tishgart. Tweets Tishgart, “I don't say this lightly. @AlissaNutting's Grub Diet is now my all-time favorite.” Mattie Kahn says, “The fact is Hunter S. Thompson couldn't have done the Grub diet better.” And Jessica Misener tweets, “this is amazing and also some personal news, i am now accepting pitches for my new website, Dirtbag Goop.” “I think I'm in love,” says Amanda Sakuma. Says Michael White, ”If you follow @NYMag's Grub Street Diet, you need to read this. The greatest edition ever from @AlissaNutting.”

Monday round-up:

Question of the Day

On Friday, we asked:  Who are the only characters on “The Simpsons” with five fingers on each hand?

Answer: God and Jesus

Congrats to…Dave Royse, who was first to answer both God and Jesus. Honorable mention to Mark Poepsel, who tweeted, “To quote John Irving: ‘Jesus God!’”

Your question of the day for today is…America’s first licensed pharmacist set up shop in the French Quarter in the early 1800s. What was his name?

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Career Updates
New roles at The New Republic, The Denver Post, Bankrate

The New Republic has promoted Sarah Jones from social media editor to staff writer. She joined the magazine last August. And Eric Armstrong, who had been The New Republic’s social media intern, has been promoted to social media editor.

At The Denver Post, Joe Rubino is taking on a new role as a business reporter, leaving his position with the community section, Your Hub. Before joining the Post, he worked at the Broomfield Enterprise and Boulder Daily Camera.

Robert Barba is joining Bankrate as a banking and fintech writer and analyst. He has been with American Banker since 2007, most recently serving as the technology editor. Prior to that, he worked at Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers (Stuart, Fla.), The Denver Post and Boulder Daily Camera.

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