Must be a fun place to work

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Must be a fun place to work
August 1st, 2017
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With the last few days of summer quickly slipping by like sand in an hourglass, it can be easy to throw productivity out the window and try to soak up the last remaining rays of the season. To help keep you on track, we’ve pulled together our top PR/journalism links from around the web from the month of July. Check out the new post from Rachel Pluck to find out Muck Rack's monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in July.

Mooch Cut Loose

“Was just thinking that this was the first day it had seemed sort of quiet, normalish…” tweets Eric Lipton. Well, don’t get too comfortable, Eric. “Mooch Cut Loose,” tweets Jonathan Weisman, referring to the report from Maggie Haberman, Michael Shear and Glenn Thrush at The New York Times, now headlined John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci. Or to put it another way, “Sean Spicer is having a good Monday,” tweets Eliana Johnson. Annie Karni notes, “Scaramucci removed before his official start date.” That’s pretty rough. But maybe Mooch isn’t completely loose? Haberman tweets, “Trump is moving Scaramucci from comms role, may still get another slot, @GlennThrush@shearm and me.” And Thrush tweets, “Trump gave Kelly full control over his WH, including Javanka. Aides doubt it will last.”

Devin Henry points out, “Trump, six hours ago: ‘No WH chaos!’” “WH must be fun place to work,” says Adam Nagourney. “Literally LOL,” says Colin Steele. “Nothing gold can stay,” laments Kevin Roose. And practically speaking, Johanna Barr tweets, “we all learned how to spell scaramucci for nothing.” Says Laura Bradley, “As we go on.... We remember... All the 10 days we... Had together…” Ah Mooch. Life comes at you etc.

By the way, the day did not improve for Mooch. As The Washington Post’s Emily Heil reports, Anthony Scaramucci erroneously listed as dead in the new Harvard Law alumni directory.

Trump whisperer

So the new White House Chief of Staff is certainly making a statement already. Kelly flexes muscle his first day on the job at White House, report AP’s Vivian Salama and Jill Colvin. And The New Yorker’s  Ryan Lizza, who has some experience with the Mooch, says Anthony Scaramucci’s Ouster May Show That John Kelly Has the Rare Ability to Rein In Trump. He tweets, “Trump whisperer: before he convinced Trump to fire Scaramucci, Kelly was trying to convince him not to build a wall.”

We also have this scoop from CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz and Pamela Brown: EXCLUSIVE: Kelly called Comey to express anger over firing, sources say. “LOL!” tweets Brian Beutler. “Awk,” says Susan J. Demas.

A great day at the White House!

And then your big Monday evening breaking news came courtesy of The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, Carol Leonnig, Philip Rucker and Tom Hamburger, Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer (156,500+ shares), another dispatch in the “Latest from the frontlines of The Great Newspaper War,” as Ben Terris puts it. Asks Peter Gleick, “Isn't this also obstruction of justice?” As the Post tweets, “Advisers fear the statement, and his personal involvement, could put President Trump and others in legal jeopardy.” 

The article also reveals, “Trump’s outside legal team suggested details abt Trump Tower mtg be given to Circa b/c it would be friendly to Trump,” notes Jason Leopold. Anyway, it sure was “A great day at the White House!” tweets Kaili Gray. And Josh Greenman for one, is “Glad to see the leaks have stopped.” Or as Lindsey Adler says, “Nice that Reince is putting himself back out there already.”

This is how a fake news story gets made

But that was yesterday. “Today in Wow!” as Dominic Rushe tweets, we learn from NPR’s David Folkenflik, Lawsuit Alleges Fox News And Trump Supporter Created Fake News Story. Tweets Folkenflik, “My story about Fox’s baseless Seth Rich story - and allegation it was devised to distract from Trump crises.” Brian Stelter says, “Rod Wheeler is suing Fox News — making stunning allegations about W.H. foreknowledge of Fox’s bogus Seth Rich story.” “There was apparently a conspiracy about reporting the conspiracy,” tweets Ernie Smith. “This is how a fake news story gets made,” says Geoff Norcross. Cora E. Lewis has the story for BuzzFeed, The Private Detective Who Ignited A Clinton Conspiracy Theory Has Sued Fox News.

Speaking of fake, White House officials hoodwinked by email prankster, reports CNN’s Jake Tapper. As Steve Kopack tweets, “White House officials, including 1 who works on **cyber security**, tricked by email prankster.” And, tweets Daniel Dale, “The same email prankster tricked Scaramucci into thinking he was Priebus and also Jon Huntsman.” Yes, “Mooch wrote in email to fake Jon Huntsman that Reince and Bannon should be fired,” notes Justin Miller. “Who in the f**k is running this f**king railroad?” Daniel Drezner asks.

Well, in a column for POLITICO, Arizona senator Jeff Flake writes, My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump (48,000+ shares). “Damn, this is remarkable,” says Sopan Deb, and Nate Cohn tweets, “This is a bolder take than I was expecting tbh.”

Do not leak this

At WIRED, Ashley Feinberg has the leaked audio from Jared Kushner’s off-the-record intern talk yesterday, Jared Kushner Comments on Middle East Peace in Leaked Q&A: “What Do We Offer That's Unique? I Don't Know.” Tweets Tom Namako, “House staffer to interns: Do not record and leak this Jared Kushner talk Interns: Recorded and leaked Kushner talk.” “no one tells the leaking interns what to do,” says Mary Ann Georgantopoulos. “ashley’s gonna get the pee tape,” says Kate Knibbs. As for the comments themselves? “oh my GOD literally wtf is he talking about,” says Silvia Killingsworth

Leaking interns also use pen and paper. “Behold: The Trump administration’s brand-new incompetence defense of Russia collusion…” tweets Benjamin Pauker, who links to the piece from Jenna McLaughlin at Foreign Policy, Kusher to Interns: Trump Team Too Disorganized to Collude With Russia. McLaughlin writes, “A source provided a copy of written notes on Kushner’s talk and question-and-answer session to Foreign Policy.” “Honestly, the fact he said this to a bunch of interns kind of proves his point,” says Freddie Campion. “Has Jared Kushner ever even met a lawyer?” wonders Josh Nathan-Kazis.

Also fired

Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast are reporting, Corey Lewandowski Has Been Fired From The One America News Network. In other words, tweets Olivia Nuzzi, “.@swin24 and @lachlan report Corey Lewandowski has been fired from that weird patriotic network nobody watches.” “SMH try to keep a job for more than 10 minutes, hippie,” says Adam Weinstein.

Making dictators safe again

“State Dept will soon eliminate the website & move its content to an alternative web address,” tweets Josh Rogin, who links to his new piece in The Washington Post, State Department considers scrubbing democracy promotion from its mission. Says Anne Applebaum, “when you put an oil executive in charge of American diplomacy, this is what happens.” “making dictators safe again,” says Brian Klass.

LA 2028

Some other big news yesterday. As David Wharton of the Los Angeles Times reports, Los Angeles makes deal to host 2028 Summer Olympics (30,800+ shares). Lauren Sherman calls the news, “Reason #1 Not to Move to LA.” In another piece for the Los Angeles Times, Wharton writes, Time will be the ultimate judge on if L.A. made a good deal to take 2028 Olympics.

Riveting reads

“Recommended Read,” says David Grann. “When prosecutors fail to disclose evidence: I went long on the Noura Jackson case in Memphis,” tweets Emily Bazelon, linking to her new piece for The New York Times Magazine, She Was Convicted of Killing Her Mother. Prosecutors Withheld the Evidence That Would Have Freed Her. “Riveting @emilybazelon The Night Of meets Memphis tradition of prosecutorial misconduct,” says Nina Bernstein. And Amanda Holpuch tweets, “I was so riveted by this story I almost missed my subway stop and then almost tripped while reading and walking.”

Another must-read for the day: “I’ve read this piece by @JanetMock 4 times this morning. You should read it too,” tweets Alamin Yohannes (32,500+ shares), who links to Dear Men of The Breakfast Club: Trans Women Aren’t a Joke, Ploy, or Sexual Predators, Janet Mock’s exclusive for Allure. Mock tweets, “Wrote about the shock of being used as a prop to incite violence after being a guest on The Breakfast Club.” “This! Thank you, @janetmock,” says Christina Coleman.

A great American voice goes silent

And finally, yesterday, we learned that Sam Shepard, Pulitzer-Winning Playwright and Actor, Is Dead at 73. Sopan Deb has the tribute in The New York Times. Tweets Daryl H. Miller, “1st time I saw Buried Child I was so stunned I couldn't move afterward. Hard to believe #SamShepard Is Dead at 73.” “fabulous writer, fabulous actor,” says Daniel Roberts. “A great American voice goes silent. RIP, Sam Shepard,” tweets Dominic Papatola. Read more at Broadway WorldPlaywright, Director and Actor Sam Shepard Passes Away at 73 (384,000+ shares). Tweets Nina Gregory, "The coolest. Brilliant, talented, shunner of email."

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Who is known as the “father of the emoji”?

Answer: That’s Shigetaka Kurita.

Congrats to…David Daniel, first to tweet the correct answer. An honorable mention shout-out goes to Traveling Donna, who answered Scott Fahlman. Fahlman is actually credited with coming up with the Internet-era version of the emoticon :-) Of Kurita, Kay Bell asks, “he's in MOMA, but does he get a cameo in the Emoji Movie?” We’ll let you see the movie to find out, Kay. We’ve read the reviews.

Your question of the day for today is…MTV launched on this day in 1981, and believe it or not, “Music Television” originally played a lot of music videos. In 1987 it broke that format for the first time with the debut of what show?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack.

Career Updates
New roles at WIRED, The New York Times, The Atlantic 

WIRED has hired Scott Thurm as its new business editor. Thurm was previously the senior deputy technology at The Wall Street Journal. Before joining the Journal in 1998, he worked as a reporter the San Jose Mercury News. He also previously worked for the Louisville Courier-Journal, Louisville Times and the Bethlehem Globe-Times.

David Halbfinger, a 20-year veteran of The New York Times, has been named the paper’s new Jerusalem Bureau Chief, a post he’ll assume in September. Currently the Deputy National Editor, his career at the Times has ranged from copyboy to reporter to editor, including leading the politics team in New York.

Kori Schake and Amy Zegart are the newest contributing editors at The Atlantic, covering national security and international affairs. Schake is a Hoover Institution fellow whose work has appeared in Foreign Policy Magazine, Yahoo, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Also a Hoover Institution fellow, Zegart is co-director of Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy Magazine, CNN, the San Francisco Chronicle and others.

Don’t forget - if you change your job in journalism or move to a different news organization, be sure to email us (hello [at] muckrack [dot] com) so we can reflect your new title. News job changes only, please! Thanks!
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