Covfefe is for closers

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Covfefe is for closers
July 31st, 2017
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Twitter has become an essential communications tool for millions across the globe, and some of its heaviest users are journalists. In Muck Rack’s recently released journalism survey, an overwhelming 96 percent of respondents said that they use Twitter on a weekly basis, and 90 percent plan to spend either more or the same amount of time on the platform in the coming year. Head over to the Muck Rack blog, where Muck Rack’s Editorial Director, Andrew Mercier, takes a closer look at the state of journalism on Twitter in 2017.

Also taking a dive into the data from our survey, Poynter’s Benjamin Mullin. Check out his piece, Which newsrooms rule Twitter? CNN, ESPN and NBC News, according to a new report

A good long read for journalism nerds

“Well, this is an engrossing read,” tweets Andrew Nelson, referring to the new piece by James Warren in Vanity Fair, Is The New York Times vs. The Washington Post vs. Trump the Last Great Newspaper War? Liz Sly calls it a “Terrific read by @JimWarren55 on what may be the last great newspaper war: the Post vs the Times, Baron vs Baquet,” and Mike Isaac offers, “::100 emoji::” Robin Garr asks, “Can The Times and the Post fight back against profit-driven journalism? A good long read for journalism nerds.” Katie Rogers says, “Oh boy, journotwitter's gonna be bored w/ this. Here's hoping a larger audience reads and subscribes. Or believes.” Tweets Max Rosenthal, “A pretty awesome look at a pretty awesome place (also some people in New York).”

Is there a Gawker Effect?

On the other hand, “Is it really a golden age of journalism when major outlets are afraid to go to bat for the powerless,” tweets Bryan Menegus. In her new column in The Washington Post, That R. Kelly ‘cult’ story almost never ran. Thank Hulk Hogan for that, Margaret Sullivan asks, “Is there a Gawker Effect -- a chilling fear on stories about the rich & famous? My column on the R. Kelly backstory.” She notes that three separate media organizations were interested but backed out on the story at the last minute. “Hi! Reminder that everyone who cheered Gawker's demise cheered for a future in which impt stories don't get pubbed,” tweets Dan Kois. And Sophie Kleeman says, “I wonder what other stories are out there that we'll never read because outlets are too scared to publish.” Tweets Jason Leopold, “Kudos @BuzzFeedNews for giving R. Kelly story a home when no one else would & @nabihasyed for bulletproofing it.”

Extremely hot take

“This is delightfully merciless,” says Noah Rothman, referring to Donald Trump Can’t Close Deal: Death of a F***ing Salesman, by The National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson. Philip Wegmann calls it “Savage” and David Lynch says it’s “Brutal,” while Brian Martucci clarifies, “I believe the technical term for this take is ‘scalding.’” Tweets Glenn Thrush, “The best thing I've read on Trump in months: It's all Glengarry Glen Ross.” Sarah Fenske agrees: “Trump through the lens of Glengarry Glen Ross might be the best thing you'll read all week.” “I don't think Kevin Williamson is getting that WH Christmas Party invite this year. I don't know,” says S. V. Date. Jonah Goldberg has “Feelings of envious rage for how good this is coming over me.” “Covfefe is for closers,” notes Jake Bleiberg.

What me, worry?

“Republicans across the country have new doubts about Trump’s team, tactics and agenda after a week full of setbacks,” tweets The New York Times. The Times' Alexander Burns and Michael Shear are reporting, Republicans Worry That White House Disarray Is Undermining Trump. “You don’t say,” says Allison Benedikt.

POLITICO’s Tim Alberta writes, Without Priebus, Trump Is a Man Without a Party. Philip Rucker calls it a “Sharp @TimAlberta read on the fall of Reince Preibus -- and with him, Trump's link to the Republican Party.” In the piece, Alberta notes, “Of Trump’s closest advisers, only Mike Pence has any association with the Republican Party.”

“Like Priebus, GOP made Faustian bargain when it capitulated to Trump’s takeover in order to win,” tweets Chris O'Neill-Yates, who links to The Final Humiliation of Reince Priebus, by Molly Ball at The Atlantic. “Whoa, @MichaelSteele on @Reince: ‘karma’s a bitch, ain't it,’” Andrew Kaczynski highlights. Tweets Darren Sands, “This @MichaelSteele takedown via @mollyesque feels like the swamp is ready to take a victory lap on RP.” Yes, “Things have gotten so rough for Priebus even Michael Steele is scoring points off him,” Alex Roarty notes. “I have no regrets at all,” Priebus tells Ball.

Meanwhile, David Sanger of The New York Times reports, Putin’s Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly. Matt Purdy tweets, “Trump, Putin and the new chilly war @SangerNYT explains with his usual expert authority.” Yep, “Putin got Trumped too,” says Patrick LaForge. Although Noah Shachtman says, “Not so sure about this one. Even if Congress is acting tough, Putin surely benefits from having a WH in chaos.”

Also at the Times, Neil MacFarquhar reports on the news that Putin, Responding to Sanctions, Expels 755 U.S. Diplomats. Andrew Roth has the story for The Washington Post, Putin orders cut of 755 personnel at U.S. missions. And Polina Devitt and Robin Pomeroy of Reuters report, Putin bans VPNs to stop Russians accessing prohibited websites. Tweets Alyona Minkovski, “From conversations I had last week in Moscow, moves like this are what's politicizing young people against Putin.”

Health care and “wellness”

So, what’s the deal with health care? “Worth watching: New proposal from 40 House Dems, GOP for Obamacare fixes,” says Dan Diamond, who links to Centrist lawmakers plot bipartisan health care stabilization bill, by POLITICO’s Heather Caygle and Paul Demko. Tweets Alex Burns, “The medical device tax is like the Kenny-from-South Park of ACA overhaul proposals.” Scot Lehigh says, “Interesting news: Could the center re-emerge?” Andy Slavitt hopes so. In a column for USA Today, he writes, Spare America a do-over on health care. Seize the bipartisan moment.

Meanwhile, This Bogus Cancer Cure From The 1970s Is Finding New Life Online, reports BuzzFeed’s Stephanie M. Lee. Tweets BuzzFeed News, “NEW: Apricot seeds don’t cure cancer. But online merchants sell them to cancer patients—and the FDA can’t stop them.” Says Lee, “At a moment when ~wellness~ and supplements are hot, a debunked cancer cure from the 1970s — apricot seeds — is back.”


The Daily Beast’s Ben Collins tweets, “My story: If you're wondering where Blues Traveler’s John Popper is, he's been doxing a Kentucky man on the internet.” He links to John Popper From Blues Traveler Will Not Stop Posting Aerial Pictures of My House, which reveals, as Marisa Kabas tweets, “the guy from blues traveler is threatening to send a mexican drug cartel to guy's home bc he was mean to him online.”

Vulture’s Devon Ivie has compiled some of the meanest lines from The Emoji Movie reviews (e.g., “Please restore my eyes to their factory settings.” “I don’t think I can say anything funny about this, because it makes me want to die.”).

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Question of the Day

On Friday, we asked: This country recently announced it wants to ban self-driving cars as a measure to save drivers’ jobs. Which country is it?

Answer: There will be no high-tech wizardry stealing jobs in India.

Congrats to…Deirdre Blake, first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…Who is known as “the father of the emoji”?

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Career Updates
Task is Experian's new EIC; Hays moves to Edelman; Ecker changes beats

Experian has a new editor-in-chief. Aaron Task, who had been editor-in-chief of until last November, will be building Experian’s personal finance coverage. Before Fortune, he was editor-in-chief at Yahoo Finance, and prior to that, spent ten years at in a variety of roles, including executive editor. 

Financial reporter Laurie Hays, a 30-year journalist with The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, has joined PR firm Edelman as the executive vice president in its financial communications and capital markets unit. She makes the move from Brunswick, where she handled mergers and acquisitions, CEO transitions, activism defense and crisis situations.

And Danny Ecker is moving from the sports business beat to the commercial real estate beat at Crain’s Chicago Business. Before joining Crain’s in 2010, he was a producer for

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