June 9th, 2017
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Here’s something we thought our Muck Rack Daily readers might be interested in. The Philadelphia-based Lenfest Institute for Journalism is launching an initiative aimed at developing and sustaining new ideas and fostering a venture-capitalist approach to the business. The Institute, which is dedicated to strengthening local journalism, is offering up $1 million for grants. Read more about the initiative and the kinds of grant and residency requests they’re looking to fund in Journalism nonprofit offers seed money for news ‘experimentation’, by Rem Rieder for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Meddlesome priest

Plenty to catch up on after yesterday’s big stories. We’ll start with Comey: Hero, Villain, Shakespearean Character Who Lived Up to Hype, as Matt Flegenheimer writes for The New York Times. “Now that's a headline,” says Sara Minogue, any many echoed the sentiments of Tim Cato: “this is a tweet that professes my undying love to this lede.” Michael Barbaro calls the piece “Deliriously compelling writing here from @mattfleg on the scene in the Senate today.” Tweets Flegenheimer himself, “A dispatch from Hart Senate Office Building 216: Lordy.”

About that. Slate’s Marissa Martinelli captures the lordys and more in From "No fuzz" tao "meddlesome priest," a glossary of James's Comey's colloquialisms during his testimony (VIDEO), noting that Merriam-Webster reported a spike in lookups of a number of words Comey used.

So, “What were the ‘facts that I can't discuss’ about Attorney General Jeff Sessions?” asks Steve Inskeep. As NPR’s Arnie Seipel reports, Comey Testimony Raises New Questions About Jeff Sessions And Russia. Tweets Seipel, “Today might have been really bad for Jeff Sessions.”

For more about yesterday’s hearing, check out Highlights Of The Senate Intelligence Hearing from NPR’s Brian Naylor, 9 Key Moments from the Hearing from Daniel Arkin at NBC News, and CNN’s Chris Cillizza on the Winners and Losers from James Comey's testimony. And Tom McCarthy of The Guardian tweets, “I've been distracted but this James Comey testimony is truly astonishing,” and links to his update coverage, Comey testimony: Trump could have had 'chilling effect' on Russia investigation – as it happened.

Also, “The @nytimes responds to Comey,” tweets Adam Goldman. The New York Times tweets, “We examine James Comey's statements about one of our articles on the Russia investigation,” linking to the piece by Michael Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo, Comey Disputes New York Times Article About Russia Investigation. Tweets Brian Stelter, “--> Contra Comey, NYT says it has found ‘no evidence that any prior reporting was inaccurate.’” As Bill Dedman explains, “The @nytimes says Comey disputing its Russia story may be over the definition of an intelligence officer.” 

The State of the Union

Meanwhile, “The State of the Union: Trump was ‘in generally decent spirits’ today,” tweets Jacob Kornbluh, who links to ‘We Are Going to Fight,’ Trump Says, but Calm Reigns During Comey Testimony, the piece from Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman at The New York Times. Tweets Thrush, “Trump watched 45 minutes of Comey in dining room -- told his lawyers it proved ‘I was right!’”


However. Peter Baker at The New York Times says, For Trump, the ‘Cloud’ Just Grew That Much Darker (20,000+ shares), calling the Comey testimony “The most damning j'accuse moment by a senior law enforcement official against a president in a generation.” And this morning we learned, Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey, as reported by CNN’s Joe Johns and Dan Merica. Tweets Bill Kristol, “Cf. Alger Hiss sues Whittaker Chambers. Did not end well for Hiss.”

Blame the victim

To learn “How the Comey hearing ended up explaining to America what sexual harassment is like,” as Jina Moore says, read what she calls a “Brilliant take from @NellSco”: What it Feels Like for a Woman and James Comey, Nell Scovell’s piece for W magazine. Says Jennifer Wolfe, “This is spot on…” And Stacey Higginbotham says, “This is brilliant. Was actually thinking of victim blaming and sexual assault as he testified.” “Once again, @NellSco nails it,” tweets Carol Ray Hartsell.

Chyron watch

But the big question, of course, is, what does cable news think? At the Washington Post, Kevin Schaul and Samuel Granados were on chyron watch in Analysis | How cable news networks are reacting to Comey’s hearing (24,000+ shares). Says David Muhlbaum, “Writing chryrons is not a glamour job in broacast journalism, but damn, it matters.” And John Patrick Pullen calls it “A fascinating look at how television news packaged this morning’s events for public consumption.”

Wow alert

On to the other big story of the day: “Wow alert,” says Dan Milmo. The Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow reports on the Shock result as UK election returns hung parliament - as it happened (17,500+ shares). “To the Americans desperately trying to understand UK politics in five minutes or less,” Monica Riese refers to the BBC News’ Q&A guide to what happens if no-one wins election. Vox’s Zack Beauchamp reports on The shocking UK election results, explained, and Sara Sjölin takes a look at What the U.K. election result means for Brexit in MarketWatch.

And then: Theresa May reaches deal with DUP to form government after shock election result, report The Guardian’s Rajeev Syal and Henry McDonald. “That was quick, a Cons/DUP #coalition by lunchtime?” tweets Dearbhail McDonald. Says Martin Cohen, “Tory survival plan requires hard border and potentially reigniting war in N. Ireland & implies ‘no deal’ negotiation.” “A chaotic coalition,” says Matthew Rimmer. “Absolute shambles,” says Hannah Jane Parkinson.

Revenge of the young

“In happier news, the new parliament is more diverse than ever before,” tweets Fiona Rutherford, linking to her piece for BuzzFeed, The New Parliament Has More Black, Asian, And Women MPs Than Ever Before. Meanwhile, An incredibly high youth turnout ‘swung the election for Labour’, as Lucy Pasha-Robinson reports in the Independent. And at the New Statesman, Torsten Bell says Pundits thought Jeremy Corbyn's outsider status would lose him votes - they forgot about the young. At Bloomberg, Joe Mayes, Svenja O'Donnell and  Charlotte Ryan write that the Young Take Revenge on Old as Divided Britain Upends its Politics.

Weekend reads:

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: Although he loved westerns, Dwight Eisenhower refused to watch any movie that featured perennial western star Robert Mitchum and refused to allow them to be screened in the White House during his two terms as president. Why?

Answer: Ike didn’t like Mitchum after he was charged with marijuana possession.

Congrats to Craig Pittman, who was concise about it: “Busted for weed.”

Your question of the day for today is…Donald Duck, who made his first appearance on June 9, 1934, is reportedly the only major Disney character with an official middle name. What is it?

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Career Updates
Sullivan joins New York Times; MacMillan changes beats; Szvetitz promoted; Longman joins ABC

Eileen Sullivan is joining the Washington bureau of The New York Times as an early-morning breaking news reporter. For the past decade, she has been a reporter with The Associated Press in its Washington bureau, covering intelligence, terrorism, criminal justice, surveillance policy and homeland security.

Wall Street Journal reporter Douglas MacMillan, who has been covering startups and venture capital for the paper, is changing beats. He’ll now be covering tech policy and economics, exploring how tech companies acquire power and use it to shape people’s lives. Mike Szvetitz has been named managing editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He was previously the paper’s sports editor. And James Longman has joined ABC News’ London bureau as a foreign correspondent. He was previously with BBC News.

Don’t forget - if you change your job in journalism or move to a different news organization, be sure to email us (hello [at] muckrack [dot] com) so we can reflect your new title. News job changes only, please! Thanks!
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