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It doesn't add up
May 25th, 2017
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Afternoon Russia hour traffic

“Here we go again,” tweets Kyle Cheney. Or as Max Rosenthal says, it’s your “Afternoon Russia hour traffic.” There’s more breaking news, this time from The New York Times, where Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo report, Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer. And then, CNN’s Manu Raju and Evan Perez report First on CNN: AG Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian officials, DOJ says. Eric Geller elaborates, “Sessions failed to list his meetings with Kislyak while applying for his security clearance.” But Jessica Taylor explains, “The first rule of meeting Sergey Kislyak is that you don't talk about meeting Sergey Kislyak.” Orli Matlow says simply, “BREAKING: the law.”

F-ed up

Noah Shachtman asks, “Did a fake Russian document push Comey to go public with the Clinton email probe?” In a new piece for the Washington Post, Karoun Demirjian reports How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe. Brendan Lynch’s assessment: “The Russians shot just a crazy high percentage last year.” Says Ron Klain, “When future generations want to know why Campaign 2016 was so f-ed up, I hope they read this article.”

Boom, CBO, for real this time

Brian Beutler links to H.R. 1628, American Health Care Act of 2017, the CBO score on the House GOP healthcare bill. As David Mack tweets, “CBO estimates 14million more uninsured by 2018 under GOP plan. 19m in 2020. 23m in 2026.” The report also estimates a reduction in the federal deficit over the 2017-2026 period by $119 billion, noting, “That amount is $32 billion less than the estimated net savings for the version of H.R. 1628 that was posted on the website of the House Committee on Rules on March 22, 2017.” Says Ryan Golden, “Not a whole lot new in the #CBO score for #HR. Outside of that...hoo-boy.” For more coverage on the CBO score, check out Robert Pear’s reporting in The New York Times, C.B.O. Projects Dismantling Obamacare Increases Uninsured by 23 Million In a Decade, and CBO Says GOP Health Plan Will Cut Deficit by $119 Billion, by Anna Edney and Zachary Tracer at Bloomberg.

In case you were wondering, Susan Cornwell and Yasmeen Abutaleb of Reuters report, Exclusive: U.S. Senate's McConnell sees tough path for passing healthcare bill. Tweets Max Nisen, “McConnell: ‘I don't know how we get to 50 (votes) at the moment. But that's the goal.’ Senate AHCA talks going well!”

And in an opinion piece for the Washington Post yesterday, Greg Sargent writes that The enormity of Trump’s scam is coming into view, noting that the CBO score would be coming in the afternoon. He tweets, “New polling shows many Trump voters rely on Medicaid.” “A whole bunch of Trump policy lies are getting exposure right now,” says Jonathan Cohn.

It’s only off by $2,000,000,000,000

Meanwhile, Ben Popken of NBC News says that Trump's team stands by budget’s $2 trillion basic math error. Tweets Bradd Jaffy, “It doesn't add up: Trump team stands by his budget's $2,000,000,000,000 ($2 trillion) accounting error.” And Melissa Hung notes, “$2 trillion math error in 45’s budget. They say it was done ‘on purpose’ Um. What purpose would that be?”

Today’s wtf

Yes, we have room for two Fight Club references in today’s Daily. Everyone knows, as Gwen Pearson tweets, “The first rule of President Club is you never talk about the $%^&@! nuclear subs.” Well, almost everyone. In “Today's wtf," as Ben Smith puts it, BuzzFeed’s Nancy Youssef reports, The Pentagon Is Facepalming Hard Over Trump’s Disclosure Of Nuclear Subs Off North Korea. “Oops,” says Derek Thompson.

Also, WTF? (or WWF?)

Also in the category of WTF, as The Guardian’s Julia Wong and Sam Levin report, Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana. That reporter is Ben Jacobs and the candidate is Greg Gianforte, who said he’s “Sick and tired” of reporters asking questions. As Jacobs himself tweets, “Listen to me get body slammed in Montana,” linking to the piece, which includes audio of the incident. And, as Nicholas Riccardi tweets, “Fox News seems to confirm @Bencjacobs story in an eyewitness account,” adding, “Fox News says GOP MT-AL candidate grabbed a reporter asking him ?s by the neck, slammed him to ground + punched him.” He links to the Fox News report from Alicia AcunaGreg Gianforte: Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter. He has since been charged with assault and lost three newspaper endorsementsMatt Viser offers some advice: “Dear Greg Gianforte: If you can't deal with tape recorders in your face, you probably shouldn't be applying for a job at the US Capitol.”

Chilling must read

Tara Carman tweets, “Murder plot against my very brave former colleague @kbolan revealed at UN gang trial. Kim is a hero.” “This was a weird one to write,” says Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun, of her piece, Why the UN gang threatened to kill me. Tweets Ria Renouf, “‘I was the only reporter in the courtroom.’ My gosh, I can't even imagine how I'd feel. @kbolan you are strong.” And Charles Rusnell says, “Chilling Must Read: Reporter Kim Bolan writes about listening to gang member testify about plot to murder her.”

Earthlings waiting for impact

Steven Erlanger tweets, “The bar for Trump in Brussels has been set very low.” In his piece for The New York Times, European Leaders Hope to Win Trump’s Favor, he writes, “Brussels, which he called a ‘hellhole,’ and the European Union, which he called ‘a vehicle for Germany,’ and NATO, which he called ‘obsolete,’ are all nervously awaiting the arrival of President Trump on Wednesday, the way earthlings might await the impact of an asteroid.” And with that, Prashant Rao says, “Go home, @StevenErlanger has the best lede of the day.”

Just my imagination

“For months, an American has presented himself as the next US ambassador to the EU. Poles called him ‘Mr Ambassador,’” tweets Drew Hinshaw. But as Hinshaw, Laurence Norman and Felicia Schwartz report in their new piece for The Wall Street Journal, U.S Clarifies That Self-Declared EU Envoy Candidate Isn’t Up for Post. Says Simon Nixon, “Today's least surprising news: Ted Malloch was never a candidate to be US ambassador to EU except in own imagination.” In what’s becoming a running theme for the week, Eric Geller tweets, “This story is bananas.”

Here’s a bunch of stuff

Jessica Toonkel has the exclusive for Reuters that Facebook signs BuzzFeed, Vox, others for original video shows - sources. Seth Fiegerman breaks it down for us: “facebook 2012: don't call us a media company 2016: we're kind of a hybrid 2017: screw it here's a bunch of TV shows.”

Making the rounds:

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: What was the first film ever shown at the White House?

Answer: Believe it or not, it was the KKK propaganda film The Birth of a Nation.

Alright, everyone else is going to have to step up their game, because congrats again go to Craig Pittman, who was first to tweet the correct answer.

Your question of the day for today is…What was the first toy to be advertised on TV?

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Featured Journalist: Nicole Wakelin


Today's featured journalist is New Hampshire-based automotive journalist Nicole Wakelin. Nicole covers the automotive industry as a freelance journalist for a variety of outlets, including The Boston Globe, CarGurus, BestRide, US News and World Report and AAA, along with lifestyle blogs like Be Car Chic, Simply Real Moms and She Buys Cars. Although she's clearly an automotive journalist, Nicole tells us she still gets lots of off-topic pitches, including “an endless number of pitches about pregnancy and childhood products.” Hopefully, this feature will help put an end to that. To see what she does write about, check out Nicole's portfolio and bio here.

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