This social media thing might catch on

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This social media thing might catch on
May 3rd, 2017
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#Remembering Fallen Journalists

All of us at Muck Rack are proud to join in the international moment of silence today, World Press Freedom Day, by retweeting #remembering to remember fallen journalists. This event was dreamed up by Sarah Jones Reports, in partnership with Plus Social Good, the Committee to Protect Journalists, The Frontline Club, The National Press Club, Muck Rack, Newseum, International Association of Press Clubs, Knight Foundation, Livestream and reddit.

Show your support by joining the moment of silence online and using/posting/tweeting #remembering between 6 pm and 9 pm local time tonight. You can check this link to follow all the tweets, and learn more by visiting the group’s website, Facebook group page and tumblr site, and by joining the Facebook event page.

Second verse, same as the first

Jamil Smith refers you to reporting by Wesley Lowery in the Washington Post that the Justice Department will not charge Baton Rouge officers in fatal shooting of Alton Sterling (16,000+ shares). As Mark Berman points out, “This marked the first time the Justice Dept. under AG Sessions decided on whether to charge officers for a shooting,” adding that the “decision not to charge officers for Alton Sterling's death hasn't been officially announced by DOJ or told to family.” Matt Taibbi’s assessment: “Jeff Sessions following through on his pledge to not police the police.”

This is so, so worth your time

Scott McGrew and many others are tweeting about The Oatmeal comic, You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you (26,000+ shares). Jon Ryan calls it “Some excellent realness,” and Stefan Etienne tweets, “I believe that this @Oatmeal strip is a national -- no, global -- treasure.” The comic, about the backfire effect, is “Tonight's required reading,” says Sheril Kirshenbaum, who explains “The @Oatmeal tackled why we believe what we do & the neuroscience of changing minds” and why we’re so resistant to change. Just read it. All the way to the end.

This was glaringly stupid today

At the Washington Post, David Weigel writes that This one Clinton quote shows why her supporters hate the media. Or: “This was glaringly stupid today,” as Matt Pearce puts it. “Great example of lousy reporting, fueled by Twitter. By any standard, Hillary Clinton got unfairly burned here,” says Benjamin Hulac. In case it's still not clear, Nicholas Riccardi spells it out: “Reminder: Hillary Clinton was not complaining about/bemoaning lack of cell coverage in Trump country today.” And Chico Harlan sums it up: “The autopsy of one quote: spoken by Clinton on stage, parsed incorrectly on Twitter, devolving into pure nonsense.” “.@daveweigel, slayer of the 'narrative,'” tweets Ben Terris.

Pence winning this one over Jared

“Scheduled for National Day of Prayer. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner scuttled last push," tweets Shane Goldmacher, linking to his piece with Timothy Alberta in POLITICO, White House aims for Thursday signing of religious liberty executive order (46,000+ shares). To which Timothy Noah says, “No discrimination against discrimination! We're all pluralists now.” Alberta reveals, “Religious-Liberty EO partially timed to appease allies demoralized over omnibus continued Planned Parenthood funding,” adding that, “Conservatives say Jared/Ivanka leaked 1st religious-liberty EO to kill it. Apparently new version isn't watered down.” Notes Jacob Kornbluh, “Pence winning this one over Jared.” Meanwhile, Joshua Benton notes, “It is truly amazing how much journalists have signed onto ‘religious freedom’ as the appropriate framing here.” Alex Scroxton agrees, tweeting, “This is Mike Pence's homophobic agenda showing. Politico should call it what it is.”

Full-on Footloose situation

So anyway, The US Department of Justice is literally prosecuting a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions (44,000+ shares), as Vox’s German Lopez reports. Or “Today in Dystopia News,” as Inkoo Kang headlines it. “Is this real or alt news?” wonders Susan Schreiner. But are we missing some nuances here? Orin Kerr says, “Sounds bad, but isn't the Issue whether the woman intentionally interrupted hearing, not if she did so by laughing?” But Kaili Gray sees it this way: “Money is free speech but laughter is not.” Meanwhile, John McQuaid says, “I once sat on a DC jury for a trial on this very charge (disrupting Congress). It was a very weird experience.” We’ll leave it here, with this prediction from Sean Carroll, “We're like two weeks away from a full-on Footloose situation.”

What is wrong with these people?

“I interviewed the very brave @lenpoz about the Sandy Hook hoaxers and the rise of conspiracists in the age of Trump,” tweets Hadley Freeman of her story in The Guardian, Sandy Hook father Lenny Pozner on death threats: ‘I never imagined I’d have to fight for my child’s legacy’ (18,000+ shares). In a piece that reveals, as James Armstrong tweets, “Ugh... Sandy Hook father getting death threats from conspiracy theorists…” Patrick Condren can only ask, “What is wrong with these people?” Kate Bevan calls it a “Beautifully written & compassionate piece on a Sandy Hook dad & conspiracy theory nutters,” and Matthew d'Ancona says, “Anyone who thinks conspiracy theories are harmless tosh should read this brilliant piece.” Says Gaia Vince. “This is an excellent, sad story about fake news. No idea what the answer is but read it.”

Not a good look, guys

Chris Sweeney tweets, “Boston Herald guild members boycott Twitter after reporter suspended, say paper's social media policy outdated,” linking to his piece in Boston Magazine. Tweets Sopan Deb, “The fact that this Herald reporter was docked three days of pay for this. Wow.” And St. John Barned-Smith tweets, “Wow, the editors at the @bostonherald ... not a good look, guys.” Dan Kennedy says Sweeney’s piece gives a “Thorough explanation of why @HeraldWorkers are upset. You know, this social media thing might catch on.”

Something good to read online FINALLY

Kelly Conaboy
directs you to ‘TAke a look, y’all’: One Blogger’s Hunt for IMG_4346.jpeg. In a piece for New York Magazine, Brian Feldman investigates the mystery of that cryptic tweet by ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, and just like that, “omg @bafeldman just became my favorite human on this earth,” tweets Matt Ellentuck. “This is important journalism,” says Spencer Hall. And Gideon Resnick calls it the “most important piece of investigative journalism you'll read today.” Enjoy.

A great run

“Frank Deford is a legend—and the reason why so many of us went into sports journalism,” says Grant Wahl, reacting to Deford Says Thanks For A Good Game, Drops Mic, Deford’s farewell message on NPR today. Says Christopher Clarey, “Long ago, I'd go to the library, sit between the stacks with a pile of Sports Illustrateds & read the best: Deford.” And Mike Berardino calls Deford “A legendary journalist who just happened to use sports as his canvas. What a great run.”

Metaphor for a life well lived

““RIP Col. Bruce Hampton. Stunning way to go out,” tweets Alex Leary. The legendary guitarist and “respected elder statesman of the jam-band community” died Monday night After Collapsing On Stage During His Own Birthday Concert (19,000+ shares), as Andrew Flanagan reports for NPR. He was 70. Says Ram Ramgopal, “Metaphor for a life well lived.” “Keep jammin' Col. Bruce,” says Lisa Morrison. “The music just got a little better in heaven.”

Making the rounds:

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: During the 1990s, all teachers in North Korea were required to play what instrument (and pass a test on it) before receiving their teaching certification?

Answer: The accordion

Congrats to Dan Rosenbaum, who was first with the correct answer and who also wondered, “How did they not have a nation of Weird Als and Frankie Yankoviches?”

Your question of the day for today is…At TIME, Ryan Kilpatrick is reporting bad news for your smashed avocado toast, with avocado prices at an all-time high—and expected to go higher. So here’s the question: The word avocado is derived from an Aztec word, ahuacatl, which means what?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack.

Featured Journalist: Donna Christopher


Today’s featured journalist is Donna Christopher, a freelance writer and editor who has been widely published in the NY Metro region. The recipient of four Society of Professional Journalists awards, Donna has worked as a curator at, a reporter at and a staff writer at Hearst Media newspapers in Connecticut. She also edits articles, web pages, reports, essays and more. To learn more about Donna and see some of her work, check out her portfolio and full bio here.

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